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October 10, 2018   Houston area, TX
During a very difficult time, I walked over to say a prayer at the hospital chapel.  I stopped to kneel before I approached the front pew and altar.  As I got closer, I noticed that something very beautiful was happening.  On the floor and in mid-air, there were designs forming, I thought from the sun shining through the windows.  I sat and prayed with my eyes open so I could absorb the beauty before me.
I also took photos of the windows that the sun was shining through.  They were equally as special, I thought.  It was not until I said my prayers, lit candles with my beloved who is ill, and went home, that I opened the photos up to share it with a few friends.  It was then that both myself and Someone noticed that perhaps we were not alone in that chapel.  Perhaps, just perhaps, you will see what we see!
I can tell you firsthand that we are never alone and that our prayers are heard. 
Too often, I have had amazing personal experiences but this is the first time that I've ever been able to photograph one as special as this.
(Note:  If you share this photo--which is not edited, not retouched, not overlaid, not anything--please do so using the "Recommend this Site" button at the top of this page.  We'd love to read other people's comments about this pic and have created a special Guest Book below for all to read.  IF you live in the Houston area or plan to visit, you can email me for the location of this chapel if you want to go visit, too:
Remember, how much you are hurting or how things "seem," walk by faith and not by sight AND remember you are never, ever alone.
God bless you.  Truly. 
For those who may need or want to see the glass panes that the sun was shining through, I took photos of them to show you.  
A cross...
This was under the cross.
There were absolutely no glass panes with faces or people, or photos or people or paintings or drawings with faces of any type in the entire chapel.
Please leave your comments in the Guest Book below. 
We'd like to know if you see what we see...or maybe something else?


As this was happening, I could not remember my childhood prayers.  All I could think to say was just to keep repeating,"I pray always in all ways."

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