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Friday, August 18, 2017


Please don't forget about your animals' eye health during the eclipse, too!  If they don't have a pair of special glasses and it is not safe for you to look at the sun, keep them indoors.  If they glance at the sun or stare at it, it will damage their vision just like it would yours!




Also, at the bottom of this page, just below the hummingbird pictures and recipe for safe nectar, I just posted a list of the top five flowers to attract them and any special notes about each one that you, the super gardener, would need to know.  



Fri, August 18, 2017 | link 

Eclipse Map and Knee Update
As promised, above is the projected eclipse map for this Monday, August 21, 2017.  If you search the internet, there are sites that cover each country and the percentage of eclipse you will experience.  The black line above is the 100% line.  In the Houston area, we are at the 70-80 percent darkness/eclipse line.  Regardless, you must take good care of your eyes--you are at risk of going blind or of affecting your eyesight if you look directly even at a partial eclipse!
I'll write more hopefully later but right now, I have to get my poor knee back on ice.  Apparently, I tore a ligament and with a week on ice to reduce/keep the swelling down and crutches, then another six weeks of a hinged brace and crutches as needed, I may be able to heal without surgery! Thank God.  I just have to be very careful, do no lifting and no falling.  Dogs? "Someone"?  Yes, they will all have to be on their best behavior!
Thank you for your prayers.  Please be sure to read my blog, "On My Mind" as soon as possible.  You have a lot of work ahead of you if you take even a little part of what I've said to heart.  If there is anything you think that I forgot to mention, please send me an email and I will add it in:
Sending love and always, Hugs from the Herd!!
ALL Help is much needed an appreciated (see blog entry below if you missed it.)
Note: Crayola Angel: Boxes received!!
Note:  I am working on getting mail to the post office next week--hopefully my Christmas cards, too!! (Forgive me please.)
Fri, August 18, 2017 | link 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oh, Boy...(or Girl)!

The docs told me that the caretaker of a person with Lewy Body Dementia, a fast-progressing terminal brain disease, will be worse for the wear than the patient, so to speak, when all is said and done.


I expected exhaustion, emotional depletion and a very sore back but not this. Not now.


I decided to take Mike out tonight to get some dog food and some bottles of spare water.  Normally, if we have amazon or PayPal credits, I can get it delivered but angelic help has been scarce this summer so I had to use my almost depleted Visa and go shopping.


I had a man in the store load the basket.  Picking up the 40 and 50 lbs of dog food would risk injuring my back more and irreparably--I still have to wear a back brace from the last injury!


Mike followed cheerfully behind me like glue only having an anxiety attack at the register when he read the charges before I could swipe my card. I tried to distract him or stand in front of the screen but the cashier asked me a question and I was distracted. Ugh.


As his anxiety turned into a panic attack, I had to disclose that he is disabled--especially when I see panic in the workers' eyes!  Awhile ago, I started just saying it's like Alzheimer's since it is similar and semi-familiar to people, even though it wouldn't kill him for another thirty years unlike the few years that Lewy Body takes to do the same.


Funny thing is he used to be the one who personally was paying for thousands of dollars of dog food and supplies monthly while he was well and working and never batted an eyelid.  But, being sick and knowing there is much help needed, more expenses with his illness and a whole lot less of an income, when he gets panic attacks, he paces and worse from worry for hours. I just tell him our angels have it covered--whether they do or not at the moment, I believe we will always be OK no matter what the situation. I reassure him so he can relax and I can avoid a potentional hospital stay to stabilize him. ("I choose to walk by faith and not by sight," but I don't deny it can be a nail-biter!)


This is the first time the resources were not there AND he saw the bill--and it was for just a few weeks! Lord have mercy!! Well, when I got everyone calmed down and checked out, I asked for someone to load the car. They had me bring the car to the door and a big strong college kid happily loaded the car. I told him Mike was sick because normally he would do it himself or help out.  I didn't want the man to think that the big man just standing next to him watching him do hard labor was arrogant or lazy. Mike is or was the complete opposite! He would have let our load wait to go help someone in need first. It just hurts so to see his deteriorating condition, mentally and physically. 



On the way home, I knew I had to feed Mike. He is on a schedule so his blood levels stay steady.   He's been drooling over the Sonic pretzel-bun hotdog on TV (these patients need to watch a fair bit of TV each day to keep them calm and resting.  Since I am trying to fill a little bucket list of items of a list I had to make for him--all while trying to be keenly aware and update it with new things that are still possible, we stopped at Sonic.  


Thankfully they had a grilled cheese sandwich for me which was both vegetarian (I am, Mike and the dogs are definitely not!) and easy on my tummy. I knew I had to work all night since I had been gone for four hours so that got my dinner out of the way, too. (The manager put two slices of tomato on my sandwich and brought me out a glass of ice water and a straw which was so kind.) In a situation like this, even the tiniest act of kindness is precious and so appreciated.


Sooooo, when we got back to the RR,  Mike went in first to make sure no one had had a potty accident. He is now OCD about that, not upset if there was one but consumed with cleaning it up--and it has to be cleaned up post haste! Even if the world were ending, he'd be walking around with something to clean it up with--if it even exists.  It is obsessive compulsive to the tenth degree, a gift from Lewy Body.  


So, stupid responsible me, instead of getting something to carry the dog food on, I decided to carry the first 200 lbs myself.  That would feed all the dogs supper plus have extra for breakfast and after letting them out, I could make everyones' medicine and supplements, get Mike to bed and rest and then get the rest of the food and water in a few hours before it got too hot outside--100-107°F this week. (I have got to find a used handtruck.)


Well, on the last of tonight's bags, I was off balance but thought I could make it in the doorway.  Yep and Nope. I was swaying and Mike was near me and normally could have grabbed me but he couldn't understand to take the bag, even if he dropped it, and couldn't understand to grab me at least to steady me. Well, I got the bag inside, thankfully it was only a 40lber not the 50's waiting for the morning! 


I fell to the left and was gratefully caught by a wall but on an angle... that's when I heard a snap inside the outer side of my left knee!!  I could have dropped to the floor and cried except that I couldn't.  I knew I had minutes to get ice, elevate it and take my socks off and so I did and Mike got the ice and a pillow.  Thankfully, he found my old crutches from ten years ago when I tore both meniscuses in my knees crashing down and skidding on concrete (avoided surgery). This time, my left knee slides around inside and I can't put any weight on it, I feel weird noises inside it and, eek, may not be able to avoid surgery--but I am going to fight every step of the way! 


This is the life of a true rescuer. Injuries are part of the picture when you get deep into it. Although I may go through more than most it is because my proverbial plate is bigger--and quite full!!  I will keep you updated as soon as I see the knee doc.  In the meantime, maybe God will send angels for a supernatural healing! He always seems to hear (all of our) prayers.


Sending love and always, 

Hugs from the Herd!


PS Please check my On My Mind blog (on this site) tomorrow afternoon. With an eclipse coming, current events and even a comet or stray planet that is going to be whizing by, maybe a little too close, there are precautionary things you need to have on hand and to know.  As long as my trusty phone holds up and lets me type, I will write. If I have to do doctor knee stuff first, please check back Wednesday on that blog. 


I thought you'd enjoy a peek at this little charming, walking toy dog a fellow rescuer sent to me. The dogs are so entertained by her, happily, especially when her eyes glow a bright yellow when she barks!! (She is a watch-only toy though!) When I feel a little better, I will find a way to get more to share somehow.)


 IMG_20170815_004127.jpg"Yap. Yap. Yap!! Please help my doggie friends at the Rescue Ranch! This really is their last chance. Pla-eaze?!  I love them all. Can you, too? Jane really needs help helping them or she won't be able to help them anymore." 






                   "Grateful Always, in all ways for all things." 


*Please excuse all errors. In addition to blinding pain and the shivering cold that sets in with it, I have been writing for four hours on my phone screen! Mike brought me my laptop to use in bed but I can't sit up just yet.

Tue, August 15, 2017 | link 

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Please stop back early in the week.  There is a whole lot you need to know about the next few months and how to brace for what may, or may not, be.


In the meantime, know that you need to be always prepared for two weeks of home confinement with water and food.  The members of the LDS Church (Mormon) are prepared to go a full year!  Weather, current events, illness, loss of job, etc.  Water is priority one and food for all--priority two but important.  I can tell you from having been so sick and not being able to eat over the summer that hunger is so painful and if you were not mentally strong or temptable, people could do things they shouldn't to stop that pain.


Going into birthday weekend.  Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you are much loved and always appreciated.  Truly.


Love and Hugs from the Herd!!



Archives: My beloved Poppy. Did he have a sweet tooth!


Poppy used to let me put him up on a highchair on the outskirts of the kitchen so he could watch me cooking and would be the "chef."  He and I got a little taste of everything "he" cooked. He was so proud to serve everyone dinner that he had made. I watched his gorgeous tail being held high and proud as he wagged it happily, walking ahead of me, to deliver our creations!


I miss him every second of every second--every day. Yup. 


I can say that I knew love and that I know love--but to get there my heart had to be broken into a billion trillion pieces and it is still breaking. Someday there will be time to put the pieces back together into a beautiful new heart.


Love. You can't buy it, find it under a rock, sit home and wish for it. You have to work on giving it--to find it.


I really didn't understand love to this degree until these years of the Rescue Ranch and facing Mike's terminal illness. And, it is the same between people or animals. Love is love is love. It comes in many forms but only has one name, said or unsaid.  Love. Luv. LOVE.


 Love is precious. It takes tough sacrifice with no conditions, no expectation of anything in return--and every bit of you has to be given to capture it and keep it alive but you get every bit of it back plus more, whether you see it or feel it or hear it in the now or feel it in a breeze, in a warm ray of the sun, in the hug of a stranger or in the tweets of the birds at dawn, the last kiss goodnight, even the last breath...All Love will surely find you when it was meant to.


Remember, it is all around us.


Please don't let a drop of it slip out of your fingers. 

Promise at least to try...I am trying to do better, too.

Sat, August 12, 2017 | link 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It's Birthday Week!

Hi Angels--


Due to the complications of taking care of a terminally ill person among other things, from here on I will send you an email when I update the blog or write a new story.  That way you don't have to keep checking in to see if I've been able to write or not.  If you do not want to receive the emails (once or twice a week at max), you can just send me an email to:


In the meantime, it is birthday week at the Rescue Ranch for lots and lots of dogs--and myself! (I'm turning 29 again!)  I can hardly believe that so many were born during the same week.   We are going to celebrate toward the end of the week with a warm doggie soup over kibble and a little cake.  We no longer can have candles but that's OK.  Every day brings a new adjustment to "Life as I knew it" and I find it is easier to just accept the changes than to mourn or miss them. 


There has been minimal help for the Rescue Ranch in the past couple of months which makes me sad.  Sad that the dogs here so deserve to live and have the care and supplies and medications that they need but so many don't understand that we truly cannot continue without help. 


I spend my nights trying to figure out who would be gentle enough to handle two tiny dogs with Brittle Bone Disease; who would understand that Bunny needs to be "flipped" over to air out her underside because she cannot turn over by herself and gets a terrible rash; who could express (manually) pee and poop Pasha with the same technique that won't rupture her bladder or intestines...and on and on and on (and on). 


IF we do not have regular help, I will need to call the Rescue Ranch "over" and pray that one by one, the dogs can be placed.  Unfortunately, the things that I have learned have come through much mentoring, experience and trial and error and while some dogs can go to a only dog home, it is so sad that their family will be split up and the vets don't advise this at all.  The dogs went through trauma, were surrendered by their families and have settled into this environment happily and in peace. 


I want to thank those of you who have put the RR on auto-ship for food--and even a few treats come along!  I wish everyone would do that or could do that it would allow me to breathe a little easier and not have to worry.  I have practically torn through my stomach lining from holding in the stress of the past two years.  Stress seems to be cumulative and so is the damage caused by it so if you are under a tremendous amount of stress, find a way to get rid of it daily or regularly, through physical exercise, meditation, quiet prayer time, etc.  Don't hold it in.  You won't be the better for it.


One of our angels lost her kitty, Ringo, who I would like to ask for prayers for her and for him.  He has been in my blog on and off almost since the beginning.  When I found out that he passed over, I wept like a baby.  Each of your animals I get to know and think of them like they are part of our family, too.  May Ringo find his daddy and his family and experience everything heaven has to offer until his mama and doggie brother gets to join them.  I truly believe that we are all reunited once we pass over or transition and don't fear that day but instead think of it as a glorious, joyous time to look forward to.  In the meantime, I have to learn whatever lessons life has for me and share as much love and do as much good as possible because truly, those are the things you can take with you when you leave this planet.  The only things.


Wishing our angels in San Antonio, TX much safety.  The flooding has been awful there!  Pasha, one of our wheelchair girls, came from San Antonio.  It almost feels like there is a safety shield of God's hand over the RR so when it rains, I just smile and comfort the dogs, thinking of His awesome power!  


I'll be writing again soon but next time, you'll see the email pop up in your Inbox with "Rescue Ranch" as the sender.  Just click on the link to see what's up or things I think you should know about.  


Sending you much love and always, Hugs from the Herd! 


All of the links above this Blog are ways to help--we need amazon credits, gofundme funds, paypal credits, anything and everything "Dog" and of course, prayers, always prayers.  We took on a project that we never anticipated and every day, try to make a difference.  You, too, get to share in the blessings when you help the Rescue Ranch, which may show up in this life or may be "pearls" waiting for us in heaven.  Either way, the way you live and what you do with it, makes a difference--whether the blessings are seen or unseen during our lifetime.



Archives: Ringo was writing a letter to Bunny and thinking of his next sentence!


Sending kisses to many kisses.





 Mama Mia had her babies this week, too--eight years ago!





Everyone was tired after giving birth and being born!



...and then it was always time for supper for weeks!


Please help.  God will bless you.

Thank you.


E-cards and credits should go to:

Mailing address (only): Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX   77386

Tue, August 8, 2017 | link 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Just remembering a sweet time...
Still trying to pull myself together health-wise, I thought that I would share a few personal archive photos from a glorious trip way back when...
It is truly at times like this that your memories (and photos) will carry you far.  I went from crying a blue streak to smiling when I saw this photo and the others of this trip we took just to follow "snow" for two weeks for our snow baby, Mebbie!  I was so glad that we did.  Not only was a little, lost, Cocker Spaniel, Kasey, surrendered to us on this trip by his family but also Mebs, our baby BIG girl, wound up with lymphosarcoma and passed away just six months later in our arms.
Going through these old photos,  took me from a very sad time (now) to a very, very happy time when all was right with our world.  I hope you enjoy them, too! I found (just a few) pictures of me actually smiling and a few even laughing--since I am usually always the one taking the photos--and was reminded of "someone" as he was before he was terminally ill--strong, bright-eyed, energetic and funny.  Through the photos, I was reminded that we used to laugh and have so much fun...that was the precious gift that I got tonight.  Life has been so very hard for several years now that I had forgotten so much.
We really have some silly-billy photos of ourselves with and without all of the dogs which made my heart both happy and sad--going all the way back to when we were young and carefree and healthy. We will probably never be that way as things are progressing but some day, I hope that I can smile again.  We both were so happy and I can see that we knew (and know) love and will continue to remind myself of that daily.
On a mountain top in Santa Fe, NM after playing Frisbee...
On our way down the mountain, we noticed that Poppy was struggling and had tons of what we called "ice balls" attached to his fur! Poor guy.  It took me almost an hour to defrost them with the car heater on, blowing the vent directly at them.  
Please rescue an animal when you can--or at least help one or many.  They make such a difference in our lives and have no one to care about them but US.  All of us.
 There has been very little help for the Rescue Ranch this summer.  Our current amazon balance is:
PLEASE help if you can--all of the links to help are on this page, just above the blog section. If you can't spare anything, please say a prayer that God finds a way to fill the needs and we will pray that He helps you as well.  There are so many things needed and the list is overwhelming but if everyone helped, we could still make it. 
I have Hope. Always Hope--and faith!
God bless you.  
Sending love and always, Hugs from the Herd!
Please use the email address of (
to send it to.  I will let you know that it arrived. 
*Note the dots between the words.
You can pick out your "card," the amount, and even write a note.  Please help if you can. 
Thank you!!
Thu, July 27, 2017 | link 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

80 percent recovered!
Hi Angels--


With two nights without excruciating pain under my belt, I want to give my body just a little while to recuperate from passing a huge gallstone and the damage from it that is healing.  I will have a whole blog on it all and on the RR doggies on Monday (Tuesday at the latest) for you, God willing.


Just know that I think of you all the time, send you prayers every night and Thank God for your help.  We've had four cases of canned dog food arrive in the last two weeks--two from Chewy's and two from amazon prime market.  There were no names enclosed but I thought you'd like to know that they arrived.  Bittie Bits and James sponsor's help arrived as well this month as did Maya's and Pasha and Bunny.


There are so MANY other dogs that need help--especially with their medications and supplements.  We need angels who will donate to the Gofundme (click on link above or at the end of this post) so we can order those things.  Just a kibble run is $3-400 dollars twice a month and I've been waiting until the funds arrive on a wing and a prayer.  Angels??  If we don't have the support that we need, I have made the decision that we will need to close the RR in the fall. It is impossible to carry the stress and worry all alone.  My shoulders are broad, very broad so to speak, but not broad enough to carry all of this all by myself. The medical expenses to keep "someone" alive and to slow down the progression of his illness have and are taking us into debt.  There is no family support sadly. He is an only child, our parents and grandparents are mostly gone, with just his mother in assisted living far away.


Some of you may be new and thinking, "Well, you got yourself into it so it's your problem."  Well, that's not quite what happened.  We had a manageable number of rescues on a working income with help here and there.  Then, a vet called and had seven dogs that had no place to go.  IF they weren't taken in by us, they would have been euthanized.  At first, I said, "No."  I knew that would be a strain.  But after a week of it weighing so heavy on my heart, I called and said, "OK." When I went down to pick them up, I thought they would be little dogs but instead out marched some Big Dogs and some little but I almost fell over.  My mama always told me to make lemonade out of lemons and so after taking a deep breath, I welcomed each of them and packed them in the car.


Then, on top of our already full rescue and the vet's additions, a rescue called from the western part of Texas and asked if we could round up a list of dogs from Galveston Island to Conroe and hold them until the weekend.  I said, "Of course."  Over the next week, we picked up close to 9 dogs for them (which soon turned into 17), when they asked me to birth another dog who was head-injured and pregnant and when the pups were ready to be adopted, they would take them into their program. 


I bathed them all and wormed them and gave them love and food and shelter but kept them separate so they would be ready to go.  The weekend came.  The rescue group couldn't make it.  OK.  Next weekend, the rescue group couldn't make it.  After about a month of that, I got a fax assigning ownership of all of those dogs--including the puppies--to US--to the RR!!  It was an OMG/what are we going to do moment.  We were kind-hearted people who were taken advantage of but because we stood between death and the dogs living, we took the road less traveled--the hard, but correct road.


Making lemonade again, some of the dogs we were able to get adopted but not many.  There was too much to do at the RR to spend Saturdays and Sundays at adoption events (although we did some) and then screening adopters and going to do house checks, etc.  Some were returned (some funny stories coming), some wanted us to drive to Dallas (we did for three but won't be doing that again) which is over 220 miles away just to see the dog.  Thankfully, they were all accepted and adopted and much loved (I love the updates and photos I get) but if they weren't that big trip would have been for naught.


Then, our primary benefactor and my beloved unexpectedly got terminally ill.  The earth shook that day.  We weren't expecting it, we were not prepared, we have huge responsibilities and some days, there wasn't even time to sleep.  We've settled into a routine that I can count on now as "someone" gets worse and I've had some counseling on how to handle certain situations so my stress should never get to where I thought I would have a stroke!  But, I cannot leave and provide for my family. 


The cherry on the cake was a few weeks ago, someone's disability was just reduced a $1000/month due to a "miscalculation" (yes, I am going to ask an attorney to take this case on contingency--my "legal" know-how only goes so far) so living on a third of a previous working income, having the same or growing expenses (as special needs dogs age, I am finding that they need more of everything including care) and with almost no financial help, I came to the realization that I need to ask for help and basic human mercy and let your hearts move you.  If you don't or can't, I will have to close up the RR (which will be incredibly sad).  It is in your hands right now--and of course, always, in God's Hands.  If it is His will for the Rescue Ranch to survive, He will surely make it possible and all who help/have helped will surely be blessed.


Remember that I/we love you and that your health is really everything after your faith so take great care of your bodies and souls.  It is my faith that kept me alive in the last months and after being so close to dying, now that I can "see" again, the world seems brighter somehow.  Always have Hope and a heart full of love, too.  It can carry you far.


Sending lots of Hugs from the Herd (and their people)!!


The link to help is:



PS I updated the RR Amazon Wish List--see the link above the blog section.  (When you open the list, please sort by highest need please.There is a little drop-down menu in the upper right corner to enable you to do this.)


Our amazon credits balance is 0.    

The bank balance is almost there, too.



*If you would rather order and send direct, you can or if you'd rather send an e-card on amazon (use email: or any gift card from the store, I will order the things the dogs need for you.  Funds are needed for supplements, medicine, medical supplies...the list is literally endless.


Please have mercy.  Grateful.

To God goes all the Glory.

Sun, July 23, 2017 | link 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Thank God!

Hi Angels--


For those who were worried, after much effort and tons of pain, the gallstone is on its way OUT!  It will take a few weeks of recovery because my organs are very sore and I need to gradually start eating again but I am alive!  I still am on restricted activity and haven't been able to go through email yet either.  The hours on the computer takes a lot out of me but hopefully you check in here to know we are all OK.


I will write more before Monday.  Thank you for your prayers.  They really worked.


Love and always, Hugs from the Herd!



Fri, July 14, 2017 | link 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dear Angels...

Dear Angels--


On Friday morning, I was so sick that I realized I needed to write my own Will (which just was about my end of life wishes really and the future of the dogs) and Medical Directive, and did scribble them out by hand and put them in my purse, because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. (I even drew a cross and wrote the word "Christian" inside one of my hands just in case...) While Mike was out for a half day on Thursday with his friend for his birthday, I had stayed up getting things caught up instead of catching up on sleep and resting like I usually do. Big mistake. My gallbladder has a single big stone stuck in the opening, blocking the bile duct, and I just made it worse.


Since I was going starting to go septic (getting very sick, heading into pneumonia as a side effect of infection), the docs wanted me to try to back things up, changed antibiotics which has helped but the pain is very constant and wearing even with meds, ice packs and heating pad.  I have to wait a few days to get another MRI and see where things stand. Surgery then was too risky.


The stone cannot come out with laproscopic surgery.  It will require at least a six inch incision if they can't back this down.  Quite frankly, I need to buy me some time, even if I can't eat very specific things and only soft things and have to drink lots and lots of water.  Someone's mother, in assisted living, will not come and babysit--I did call--so I need to dial this back and hope to postpone surgery for a year or for more time to plan, God willing. I am holding my own and at least not as sick as Friday for sure.


I will write more this week I hope.  Please send a prayer up if you can.  I asked God to help and He either will or He won't.  Either way, I accept what will be.  He's held us up many times when there were only two footprints in the sand (..."for it was then that I carried you," He said (as opposed to abandoning us).


On a brighter note, some Chewy's boxes arrived with canned dog food, two bags of kibble, some treats and a toy for the big dogs and another set of "crayola angel" boxes. Thank you! I hope you are inspired to also help on amazon, paypal or the fundraiser above (click on the angel to read it).  Funds are needed for supplies and medicines. Special needs dogs need special things.  This is so not like having a bunch of pet dogs! (Oh those were the carefree, fun days!)


We are still another week away from having a washer. Ugh. I think losing the a/c, the dryer and then the washer all within ten days or less was just too much.  The stress of dealing with dementia and someone's terminal illness is tough enough.  Now, I am fighting to avoid surgery this week if possible.  (If I have no choice, like if my gallbladder ruptures, or the stone won't go back from closing off my bile duct, I will have someone just post..."In the hospital" or some such. Please don't let off the prayer chain until I say, "Hello" again.) 


I haven't been able to email or write (my Christmas cards are still in the works--go figure) but that doesn't mean that I don't think of each and every one of our angels all the time and your own fur babies and pray for you by name--all of you and even those seen and unseen, known and unknown or yet-to-be-known.  My faith remains strong and I always have Hope.  And in the wee hours of the night when the weepy tears come, Girl, the Texas Pearl, comes to gently wipe them away and I am grateful for HER kindness and caring.


Love and always, Hugs from the Herd!



 Girl, the Texas Pearl, loves Texas!  She really rescued herself.  When I went to the shelter to pick up other dogs, she came and sat down quietly near me.  The kennel help put her back in her pen--she was close to the euthanasia door.  Eek!!  I went and found her and took her and her kennel pal, a little puppy, who was soon adopted.  We tried to adopt Girl out a few times--those stories are so funny but for another time--and each time, we had to go and get her.  She just wanted to be with me, I guess. That was nine years ago!


Sun, July 9, 2017 | link 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

There is a place I never thought I'd go to

Dear sweet Angels--


I don't know if you have ever been to the place that I temporarily visited over the last few weeks, but I almost "broke."  I could not speak, write or do anything other than survive what was happening and we haven't even come to the end of the road...I just had to focus on myself "living."


First, the air conditioning unit in the attic broke.  The heat inside a building, when it is 90-100 degrees outside, builds up and I can tell you gets very, very hot.  Very hot.  I was so focused on keeping everyone else hydrated and cooled and ice-supplied, that I nearly died.  Really.  My kidneys shut down and I wasn't producing urine.  I wasn't drinking the massive amounts of water that it requires to combat those conditions.  When I went to the doctor from the severe pain in my back (my kidneys shutting down) and could give only a shadow of urine for testing, there was a big oh-oh moment for me...the strep throat that came afterward was just the cherry on the cake!


But, that wasn't enough of a test--that's how I have to look at all of the trials we've faced or I'd just give up.  The dryer stopped working.  It was OK because it threw off unwelcome heat into an unbearable situation but at the RR, doing ten loads on average a day, it was a HUGE problem.  At least some of the wash could be dried out on a line but clothes are left "stiff" under those conditions and fold like boards.  When we can, everything has to be rewashed and dried.  Turned out, after a week of waiting for an appointment that the dryer vent was clogged at the roof hair!  What else!   Never, ever design a home with an interior laundry room--always vent it to the side of the house, within reaching distance (note to self).


Got the dryer working and then...of course, the washer went down!  There was a horrid, screeching sound as the transmission went and then went they came to fix it, the tub that holds the laundry and spins it around stripped itself out of its housing and now, we have ten days to go with no washing machine while the parts are ordered--and there are lots of parts! Lots.


To top it off, Mike needs me now more as a security guard now and medicine monitor and resents every bit of it.  It is miserable to be in this position.  He wants a partner but I can't do both.  I must be a safety supervisor and a legal eagle and and and but it definitely distances you from being a partner to being an authority figure, I guess, which takes all of the joy and happiness out of the relationship.  At least most of it. At least he still loves to pet the dogs and play with them.  That makes me happy to watch.


The dogs have been patient and sweet as usual.  Chief developed a cyst on his shoulder, Girl has a tumor on her face, Mama Mia has terminal pneumonia from complications of heartworm, Bitty Bits is nearly blind now, Maggie and Bunny have ear infections, and when I am so depleted, without a break, I miss all of our other angels whose names God called, and my heart hurts.  


When you go through severe stress like this, especially given the financial supplementation that we need is practically invisible this last few months. and you/me can't just go and solve the problems, it feels like you are going to come unraveled, no matter how calm and faithful I am. I can tell you there was a time during all of this that almost broke me but, thank God, I remembered to keep claiming that I have to walk by faith and not by sight.  I repeated that to myself so many times until I could see "day light" again.  Unless you have walked this road, you have no idea how hard it is to live with and "supervise" your beloved with active, horrible psychosis and dementia.  It is traumatizing, scary, difficult, and I already know that it will take me years to recover even just to stop from recoiling when someone, anyone just reaches out to touch me.  I hope you never know what this is like.


So, as I wish you a very Happy Fourth of July, please know that when I don't write, I need you the very most.  I need your prayers especially and your help.  I am unable to even post a note to ask you to help with the dogs, help with our Go Fund Me (above).  I am trying so hard not to break because if that happens, I will need to be in the hospital and will probably need to walk away from the entire situation.  Please have mercy on the Rescue Ranch so that I can keep the financial stress at least a half an arm's length away and so I don't break.  Right now, providing for everyone while being the caregiver to someone with Lewy Body Dementia--which devastates lives--is impossible.  Please make this possible.


Mike's birthday is next week.  I suspect it will be his last conscious one the way this illness is progressing.  One of his friends (the only one left--every one disappeared when he got sick) is going to take him out for half a day, which will mean, to me, a really unpleasant two days of that follow for him to recover (and there is no alcohol involved).  At least he will sleep even more than "normal." I always look forward to those days that used to be once a month but now are once a quarter or so, thinking of everything I will get done, including writing.  But, when the door closes, all I can do is collapse and sleep--other than feeding the dogs and taking care of medical urgencies that may arise, the drop in my adrenaline and lack of sleep for so many months at a time just make me simply crumble, into one position for hours in the cot in the dining room that I have called "my room" for a year and a half now.  (I sleep there to be able to see all of the exits, despite the bells on the handles and alarm, because LBD patients wander without warning.  So far, we've only had one instance of a 2 or 3 AM walk down the street, in only undies, which prompted my need to pull out the cot.)


And so my Angels, seen and unseen, known and yet-to-be-known, I am going to try to write by at least every Friday so you don't get worried so about me/us.  Some weeks at a time, I can't even stop to read emails so just pray if you get worried because that's what we need and lots of it!  


Enjoy your holiday!!!  Please make sure your animals are inside, not alone and secure so they don't panic when the fireworks begin.  I have the RR dogs all bedded down by about 4 PM and then wait until the very last sound until they go out again in the middle of the night.  They all get some tryptophan, too, before 4--either in calming tabs or in turkey meat or both (The vet told us that Benadryl will work as a last resort--1 mg/lb).  I also crate any of them who have a tendency to pant, panic, run wildly, etc. at the loud, sudden noises.  It is just safer than worrying that they could hurt themselves from their own panic.


Love and always Hugs from the Herd!!!!




 Wishing for silent fireworks...

Pleasese help if you can.  Grateful.

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It's the beloved Hummingbird season--be sure to leave CLEAR sugar water out for them NOT the RED one.  The dye causesmany health problems.  You can get the power pre-made or simply boil it on the stove and let it cool.  (The syrup recipe is at the bottom of this page, just under the blog post calendar.) 

Directions for making safe hummingbird food:
  1. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present.
  2. Cool and fill feeder.
  3. Extra sugar water may be stored in a refrigerator, preferrably in a glass jar.
  4. Red dye should not be added and do not buy pre-made solution with the red dye.

Five Best Flowers to Plant to Attract Humming Birds (Hummers)

1.  Rose of Sharon—variety of colors; needs good drainage, don’t over water; can prune into a tree shape.
2.  Trumpet Honeysuckle—“Hummingbird vine” grows in clusters and climbs up fences or houses, or a trellis.  Can spread quickly so think where you want it to really “bloom.”
3.  Fireweed—pink or purple and prefers loose soil.  
4.  Bee Balm—spunky, spiky flower, low maintenance, looks like a daisy but pointer. Variety of colors.
5.  Larkspur—known also as delphinium; tall plants (up to five feet) with long flowers with lots of nectar inside; three colors.


*Plant large patches of each plant so the hummers can see them better.  Hummers see in UV light, so this will help them.  
*Make sure the flower beds are near some type of taller foliage like tall shrubs or trees, which they will build their nests in and will have quick cover if a predator approaches.
 *Be patient.  It takes a little time but they will find “you.”  Making sugar syrup (recipe above) without the typical red (a poison to them) food coloring and use a container with RED on it to attract them faster!  If possible, make a hood or shield the    nectar you make from the heat of the sun and wash the container out with soap and water every week and let it dry before refilling.


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