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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Where is the Rescue Ranch? 
The Rescue Ranch is located on the outskirts of a suburb just north of Houston, Texas.It is not an animal shelter and we cannot take in animals from the public. We are simply a foster station for animals who need to be rehabilitated before they are adopted. We can only help a very limited number of animals at a time, since special needs animals require a lot of time, attention and funds.
Can we visit the Rescue Ranch? 
Very rarely, a visit to the Rescue Ranch is granted--not because we don't want to share and show-off our wonderful animals but for two reasons.  First, we need to keep the disease exposure to a minimum, especially for newborns and for very sick animals.  Every visitor carries with them anything their own animals may have as well as everywhere they have recently walked.  Second, the Rescue Ranch is a very peaceful place.  This is necessary for healing.  When visitors come, all of the animals get excited and start barking, making peace--and being able to have a conversation--a long-forgotten memory.
Can we sponsor an animal at the Rescue Ranch? 
Yes, in fact we encourage it.  People who cannot have pets or who cannot rescue animals themselves, sometimes "adopt" an animal here and send monthly care packages and gifts for their care.  Some animals get letters from children, clothing, treats, gift cards...We greatly appreciate this and send them photos back in return when they receive their packages as long as we have an email address on file.
Can we adopt an animal at the Rescue Ranch? 
All of the animals are currently not adoptable. Their medical needs and or limitations are too great.
How can we help? 
Thinking of ways to spread the website URL so we can reach more people with our efforts would be greatly appreciated.  Having a collection of treats, food, supplies, funds would all be great ways to help!
Do you have favorite animals at the Rescue Ranch? 
After about two weeks of being here, each animal seems like our own.  As we get to know them and care for them, take care of their puppies or their wounds (emotional or physical), they become endeared to us--and become our favorites.  We find that love has no boundaries--we can love them all.
What is the Rescue Ranch mailing address? 
Rescue Ranch, 4057 Riley Fuzzel Road, Ste. 500-130, Spring, TX   77386  (We do not publish our actual address. Animal "dumping" is a common practice in the Houston area. We are not set up for isolation nor the intake of any number of unexpected animals. We are a foster station/sanctuary for animals and not a shelter.)
If we send a check, to whom should it be made payable?
If you want to send a check to help the animals, it should be made payable to the "Rescue Ranch." Please write "Gift" in the memo section of the check and any other note about if it is for specific help.  Gift cards and e-gift cards are preferred to:  Thank you!!
Thank you kindly!

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