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Unique special needs dog sanctuary is thought to be the first organization in the world to sponsor a project that proved that there is Hope--and a treatment--for the deadly canine distemper disease, using Dr. Alson Sears protocols.


(Houston)The First Stop Last Stop Rescue Ranch, or FSLS “Rescue Ranch,” is a very unique organization which provides rehab and hospice care for animals who are seriously injured or even dying of cancer or other incurable maladies and have no where else to go. “Sadly, not even their owners can, or will, care for them if they very injured or dying,” said J.D. Ward, co-founder. “We believe that every life is precious—no matter how long or short it is—and that every animal needs to know love.”

Through no fault of their own, these animals would die knowing only pain and rejection. By staying at our Rescue Ranch, they get to know love again, bond with other animals and people and are tenderly cared for until the very moment of their last breath. “When God calls their names,” said Ward, “We are here to care for them, and hold them and pray for them, as they pass on to heaven.”

Many hundreds of animals have been saved through the efforts at the FSLS Rescue Ranch. Now at full capacity, patrons, otherwise known as “Rescue Ranch Angels”, are needed to support the work here not only so it can continue but also so it can expand. “We have a total budget now of nearly $6,000/month--with no salaries paid. But in this economy, gifts now total in the hundreds of dollars each month. We cannot go on much longer. We need help.”

“Our knowledge in the area of teaching vets how to heal distemper is priceless but it cannot be maximized when we are constantly worried about how to even feed the "herd." We really need to find land and a new facility so we can help so many more animals--but without funding, we are at a standstill. The economy has left us supporting a lot of special needs animals nearly alone. We are nearing the point where we will lose the Rescue Ranch if help doesn’t come soon.”

Through the efforts of the FSLS Rescue Ranch, Project Hope, the Canine Distemper Project was formed in late 2009. “Using Dr. Alson Sears’ protocols for his distemper treatment discovery, as well as being directly guided by him and working with local vets, we were able to save well over 90 percent of the animals who would have died of the disease. We want to open a “Project Hope” Canine Distemper Center that can not only treat animals with this disease but where vets can come in from anywhere in the world and be trained on how to make Dr. Sears’ serum to cure the disease in their own area. “But, we cannot do this alone…” said Ward.

With no time left at the end of the day to handle the adoptions of the animals that have recovered from illness or injury, FSLS Rescue Ranch is also seeking an adoption partner, who they can transfer the animals to as they become adoptable. An organization which fosters animals in homes--not boarding facilities--is being sought, who will screen potential adopters, do home checks and find safe and loving homes for these special animals. “I just know that we’ll find a very special organization to work with us. They have to care more than normal. Some of these animals have been through so much, so they have to do a little more work screening potential homes--but seeing a special needs animal find a happy home is such a blessing.”

Currently, the FSLS Rescue Ranch depends solely on monetary gifts which can be made through the website or in a Chip In Fundraiser set up also on the “Give Now” page. "With so many special needs animals to care for and many vets and owners needing help finding a treatment for distemper, there isn't time to do another thing during the day--or night," said Ward. The mailing address is also on the website as is a list of other much needed items like store-specific gift cards and supplies. “We have enough dogs of all sizes to be a great partner for testing canine-related products, too.”

“I’ve been taking care of injured and lost animals since I was twelve,“ said Ward. “It is my life’s passion and the only place my heart wants to be. I feel privileged being able to care for such brave animals who have experienced some of the worst things imaginable until they arrive here. In a few months or several years--however long they are here--we make sure that they know what love is, before they move on to a new home or pass on to heaven. I think that knowing love is really the only thing that matters in the end.” 

For more information, please visit the website To donate online, please click on or go to our website for the mailing address and most needed list. To read more about Project Hope, the Canine Distemper Project, go to For more information, please email:

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About First Stop Last Stop Rescue Ranch

FSLS Rescue Ranch is a not for profit organization—and no salaries are paid--but is not yet a 501(c)(3) due to financial limitations.* (*There always seems to be animals in severe need and the choice to save lives has taken priority over the nearly $4,000 filing fees. A sponsor to help with this is welcome as well.)  To learn more about the Rescue Ranch dream, please visit


To contribute to Project Hope: The Canine Distemper Project ONLY, please click on the "HELP Now" button below. It is the only one, other than the "Help Now" button on our Give Now page, designated for Project Hope, of which gifted funds go into a separate account. (All funds gifted through "Give Now" buttons go into the Rescue Ranch general fund.)

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