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Animals come to the Rescue Ranch in great need of help.
Some may eventually be adoptable--
Most will spend the rest of their lives here.


The Rescue Ranch has dogs and puppies--of all shapes and sizes--passing through its doors in any given month. Here are just a few of our most popular animals--those who are in my stories more than others so you can get an idea about whom I am writing in my blogs:



Precious came to the RR after her eyeball was ruptured.  Waiting to get the green light for surgery, she finally trusted us enough to take her first treat--and to eat it in "public."



Pasha arrived at the RR with her wheelchair--after being hit by a car and having a severed spinal cord--and deep wounds in her feet. She is now standing and walking up to five steps at a time. Little Marilyn, who was surrendered with Monroe when their family lost their home (and were going to euthanize them), tried to pull Pasha out of her bed by her ear right after this photo was taken!  Much beloved Marilyn passed away in April from complications of diabetes.  



Big Ada, went from "Ada Afraida" to "Ada Brava" during her stay at the RR--she, too, loves Pasha's bed--even though she is too big for it.  Ada is a Bulldog/German Shepherd mix and has permenant sanctuary here now.



Mebs, Poppy and Kasey were great friends--especially when it came to chasing birds and squirrels (too high up in the trees for them to ever catch). Poppy is a furry Poodle/Terrier mix and Kasey is a Cocker Spaniel. Mebs hospiced at the RR until Lymphoma took her away from us.



Special needs animals can have fun, too!  Getting a special toy in the mail by a RR Angel, Bunny plays tug with Penny, a little Dachshund, who has since been adopted.  Penny would drag Bunny all over the yard and Bunny would refuse to let go of her toy!



Monroe watched Bunny and Penny playing from the sidelines--and then one night, brought a stuffed dog out to Bunny.  He wanted to play, too!  This was a big break-through for him.  After losing his home and his family, Marilyn and Monroe were sad and distant for a good two months before they decided to share love again.  We were glad that they at least had each other.  



Mandy did her part to help raise money for Saint Bernard Rescue--She posed for photos next to their raffle basket/fundraiser.  Mandy was so dirty when she was surrendered, that she was dark brown.  She had a deep infected hole in the side of her neck from over-use of a shock collar and one ear was so infected that her ear flap was just a bag of blood, from shaking her head so often in pain.



Happy-go-lucky Timjin, or Timmy, had been living at the end of a two foot chain and was a walking skeleton before he was taken away from his owners.  Misclassified as a Pit Bull, no one "sprang" him from the shelter.  With guardian angels watching over him, Tim came to the RR and is having a whole lot of fun as he recovers.  This Great Dane mix puppy is getting taller by the day and just loves playing fetch with our Chuck-It.
Girl, the Texas Pearl, fell in love with this little toy, and watched over everyone's favorite treats, Dingo Bones! She stayed like this for hours.   Girl was going to be euthanized but her cage did not get closed properly.  When she heard us rescuing another dog (and of course, his kennel mate), Girl came over and sat next to us and just patiently waited.  We rescued her and her kennel mate--all of whom have since been adopted.  Girl has been given sanctuary at the RR.
Jade and Chula love to run all over the RR property.  Jade is almost the smallest dog at the RR--other than puppies and a three pound little Chihuahua, Bitty Bits..  Chula had burns from her neck to her tail but now, they are healed and are 90 % covered with fur.  They are very affectionate and active. Chula's double, Charlee, joined us soon afterward.
Baby, a Chihuahua puppy, is at the RR to recover from two broken legs and a broken pelvis.  She is the same size as Jade--8 pounds.  Once her injuries have healed, they will be great friends!
Penny, Girl and Monroe.  Penny came to the RR to lose weight-she was a Maxi--not Min--Pin!  Penny's owner left treats by the bowlful out in the yard for all of her dogs to share.  Based on her weight, Penny probably gulped down the treats before anyone had a chance!
Thanks for stopping by...We'll have more photos soon!

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