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PEOPLE FOODS: What Your Dog and Cat Can and Cannot Eat   August 24, 2017


If you are reading this, I suggest that you print it out or write the foods down in a notebook.  This is for major emergencies, if the power has been out and/or you run out of pet food, you need to know what you can forage for, find in your garden, raid the pantry for.  I did major work on dog foods, picking the top most expensive foods on amazon and reading their labels to compile a gigantic list for "just in case." For cats, I found the information on pet.webmed website.  I think kitty karetakers and other animal caretakers should do the same as I did on amazon--just find the best foods and read the labels.  You will find many similar things but now and again, there will be a new ingredient that I didn't expect or think about.


Since the list is pretty large, I am creating another page for dogs and cat safe and no-no foods--when this link is live, People Foods Your Dog or Cat Can or Cannot Eat, you will know it is done.  It should be done by midnight tonight.  I am taking a break between filtering and filling 100 gallon water bladders (we go through a whole lot of water daily for the dogs!) that are sitting in each tub and putting batteries in flashlights, radio, and camping laterns (love them for outages).  If you haven't read my Hurricane Harvey updates yet, please go to my RR blog, Click Here.  I have heard that some areas could lose power for days, weeks, even months. Ugh.  I don't think we'll be that inconvenienced but I think for at least a week or two, we'll be offline and very hot and sweaty!!


While my list can't predict if your animals has any allergies or aversions to them, please introduce a new food gently.  If there is no reaction--lose stool, heavy breathing, etc.--then try to add a little more.  At the Rescue Ranch, almost every day we introduce a need "can-eat" food to all of the dogs so that they not only have learned to accept and enjoy any and all foods (more or less) but we can tell if anyone is allergic to something by their reaction.  Since most of the new food/s come out of our dinners, they usually only get a bite, hand-fed.  I address each animal by name and then say the name of the food about three or four times for each animal.  I want them to be able to eat under any circumstance and not just believe that dry kibble is the be all and end all in case of emergencies just like this one that is almost upon us.


IF our work/writing helps you in any way, would you please help our special needs dogs at the Rescue Ranch--especially if you are not in the eye of Hurricane Harvey?  If you give on our current fundraiser--click here to go to our GoFundMe page--without us having to have electricity or access to any site, they automatically load your gift onto the Rescue Ranch debit card right away so I can use it as soon as the web is back up or the stores are open!  We are going to deplete all dog food, kibble and "canned," that you have sent, that I had to go get last week and we have doggie medicine waiting for pick-up right now that is about $600.  Ugh.  I can only pray that more angels--seen and unseen, known and unknown, find their way to this site and find a place in their hearts to help these precious pooches!  


Grateful. Always.


PS Please note the sharing policy at the top of this page.  Honoring it would be much appreciated.  Thank you!



Things you really need to know: Preparing for an Eclipse, Comet and Current Events   August 17, 2017


Every night, I turn on the radio and listen to late night talk shows.  Some news, some with special guests, others with open-lines...While I am frequently interrupted (especially, it seems, during a critical sentence or even a key word), the gist of it all is important and since main stream news (on TV especially) seems to be down-playing what is coming, the possible effects and how to prepare, I thought that I had better mention some of it just in case.  I truly hope this is just in case!



First, the Eclipse: August 21, 2017.



For the first time in nearly 100 years, there will be a full eclipse of the sun that stretches from one coast to the other.  Yes, we have had others but they have only been four or five states "wide" so to speak.  Over the mainland, it will start in Oregon and cross the country for a total of 2500 miles, all the way to South Carolina.  (When you click on the link below, you will see a map and times of the eclipse in your area.) It will only last about 2-3 minutes wherever you are, so be ready!  The main news stations will have all day coverage which may be the way to go!



(Click Here to see the map and times of the Eclipse pathway--it will be on the Rescue Ranch blog page dated August 18, 2017)



Yes, we have all been warned to not watch the Eclipse with our bare eyes--get special glasses or make something to watch it indirectly even like a pinhole viewer (search Google or Youtube). But, why is this more important than "just" the moon covering over the sun and making sure you don't go blind!?  There can be side effects six or seven days afterward.  I will tell you more in a minute...



Second, the Comet: Projected date September 23/24, 2017 (side-effects through October 5, give or take)



On or about September 23, 2017, Comet 67P will, according to astrologers, conjunct with the moon and the sun and according to the scientists, will pass by the earth as close as 4,200 miles or closer.  It is traveling at an almost unimaginable rate of speed and so the gravitational pull will be great.   Could it impact the earth?  Yes, but hopefully it will "just" whiz by.  Why the "just"?



Third, Coming Events



The situation is so touch 'n go politically, with so many countries involved that I don't have to say much other than I hope everyone keeps a level-head.  That said, the greater danger is not something that will destroy the world but rather something that will effect or bring down the electric grid--(FYI, Texas is the only state that has its own).  There are, I think seven or eight others that connect across the country.  Having the grids go down will cause so many problems that we need to be prepared for this even if it is due to weather, comets, eclipses, dogs barking too loud or aliens coming to visit (just saying)!



So, What do you need to know and do?



The magnetic disruptions of the eclipse and the comet could cause lots of earth problems, besides a grid-down situation, which could last hours, days or even a year/s (hope not).  The eclipse path and comet are going to be crossing over the volcanoes (we have a lot of them on the west coast of the US), the Yellowstone Caldera (a huge, gigantic underground magma pool/dormant volcano which would be catastrophic to much of the world if it were activated) and current and newly created earthquake fault lines.  The paths of these two events are expected to cross in the Mississippi Delta somewhere, near the New Madrid fault system.



Since I (still) don't have my washing machine properly functioning after months (it starting spewing smoke last week after the technician "fixed" it), I can tell you firsthand that not having electricity will be not only inconvenient and a whole lot of work to keep life somewhat normal but there are other issues.  All bank records/ATM's will be down; all computer records, the internet, telephones, on and on and on will not work.  You need to have printed copies of ALL important documents--from very recent bank balances to prescription records, doctors' records, etc. etc.  Just think about your life and what you would need to produce if you had to restore it computer/electricity-wise. Make sure, now, that you print out the foods that your animals can and cannot eat if there were no pet food! 



(I read about 20 dog food labels and made a list of all of the veggie and fruit components--you can read all labels online.  Dogs can eat blueberries and cranberries, broccoli and pumpkin and so much more!  I can publish my personal list of foods that are OK for dogs another day but people with cats need to do this especially--they are more sensitive--as well as horses, goats, hamsters, etc. Start with the labels of really expensive foods specific to your animal--they will have more food-type ingredients to add to your list rather than more chemicals and additives that the less expensive foods are made of.)



You should have an AM/FM/Shortwave radio (external, extra antenna) and lots of spare batteries, water and food for several weeks (make a list of the seven or eight things you could eat repeatedly--and do eat--so you can rotate them out if nothing much happens or to keep them as a "food bank" for storms and future emergencies).  This should be the same for all of the animals you are the caretaker of.  They will really be the most at risk if you do not prepare for their needs.  For instance, IF you are advised not to go outside for several weeks, that would apply to your pets as well.  You need to have pee pads and litter and be ready to have them potty indoors somewhere--but also be ready to dispose of everything!  Whether you get gel that they use for camping potties to add to each layer to dissolve solids and turn them into scentless gel or you just bag it and keep it in an isolated area, you need to plan.  There will be no stoves, TV, video games (unless you have them downloaded onto a device and have lots of spare batteries), no washers, no dryers, no dishwashers...



So, paper plates, plastic silverware and cups, straws, cheesecloth or clean cotton thin shirts to strain (pond?) water if need be and unscented bleach or water sterilization drops if you can't boil it for twenty minutes. No electricity also means that the gas pumps won't be working, so from here on, keep your tanks filled.  (FYI, gas keeps better and longer in a car than in a can so if you ever have a situation where you need to cipher gas, leave it in the other cars until you need it.  You can store water in your tubs--either with water bladders (order online) just make sure you get a free pump, or just in a clean tub BUT you MUST seal off the drain to keep things from coming back up.  Heavy duty plastic, waterproof tape--or worst case, caulking or something that would totally seal the drain.  The water still needs to be treated weekly with UNSCENTED bleach--five drops per gallon, I think--and it needs to be covered as best you can.  Vinegar and ammonia should be on your shopping lists along with toilet paper and baby wipes!



Worst case?  Short of total devastation from Options 2 or 3 above, we could have no sun or no electricity or because of those or volcanoes and earthquakes, the food supply chain may be disrupted, medical help would be scarce or non-existent, and you may be stuck in your home.  IF there is an EMP causing grid disruption (from Option 2 or 3 above most likely), that would mean that cars prior to 1982 or so may not be usable any more, electronics would be rendered forever useless and commercial agriculture impossible to continue--water systems wouldn't work, neither would delivery trucks, trains, planes, etc.  You would need to be able to provide for your family on your own--or with your neighbors (groups are better).



Worst, worst should have vegetable and fruit seeds (organic only, heirloom if possible, since you cannot harvest seeds from hybrid plants to use another time like the following year) and be sure to print out how to grow them or get a book about it just in case there is no internet; you will have the radio and lots of batteries; you will have canned and dry foods--and a couple of can openers!; water, ways to sterilize water, ways to collect water; first aid supplies--I will do a separate post on this topic; things to barter--sugar/cubes; coffee and tea; vodka (yep--it can be used to sterilize wounds or to drink while you are being "sewn up" or just to drink for those who imbibe or who may be grateful to!); candy; basically things that people will want or need but won't be able to get even if there is government food and water--and that people will be grateful to trade you for something else or a service/help. 



IF you are thinking down this road so to speak, everything electronic (batteries, radio, etc.) should be wrapped AHEAD OF TIME in layers of heavy duty aluminum foil and/or put inside a box inside a new aluminum garbage can, lid sealed with aluminum tape if possible. Make sure you have picked a room without windows to sleep in or have materials to seal those with heavy plastic and tape, crates for the animals if they need to be separated or kept quiet, a month supply (at least) of your meds and your animals', your first aid supplies, etc. And, like we do, if you live in a very hot area, pre-freeze "tons" of deli containers and/or ice cube trays full of water or broth to cool down your animals and yourself daily.  (Remember, animals cool down through their mouths and through the bottom of their paws--so keep those wet and cool. You may want to get some individual, battery operated fans if you get hot easily or have big, hairy dogs.  You can drape a wet facecloth over the top of it to cool the air a little more.) NOTE: If you wind up having to barter, DO NOT allow anyone to know where your supplies are or where you live.  Meet them somewhere else to exchange things so you don't get robbed! (Do I read too much? Emergency Surgery, Dental Emergencies, Homesteading, Bartering, First Aid...for many, many years.)



I have to say this in case I never get a place or chance to do so: Some companies in the US are now (yes) demanding that their employees get RFID chips in the space/web between their thumb and pointer finger--or they are being fired.  Please do not voluntarily comply with this, even if there is an emergency. Animals that are chipped can and do get cancer around the chip and in the tissue it is connected to (they can travel around the body until they finally settle).  I am against chipping animals generally for this reason. IF you must use a tracking or location device (like I am facing this very issue with "someone" having worsening dementia which causes wandering as a side effect of Lewy Body), please use an external device that can be turned on and off to cut down on the EMF or other powers exposure--it would be like a cell phone held at your ear constantly--it is thought to cause brain cancer and this would be similar if left on all the time--and if you can remove the chips from your animals (they could even be in their feet!--have your vet scan them for free and find it). At least, you may want to think about it. 



Oh, jeez, I forgot the aliens! No joke, honestly, this is a real but more remote possibility--although you probably think that my knee pain right now must be affecting my brain! People from Washington have been subtly commenting about this subject for years!  IF there ever is "Disclosure" or an alien visitation, please do not approach them first--you will scare them. You need to be quiet and cautious and do not attack unjustly just because you are scared or because they just look different than you!  If they exist, some are known to be good and some not so good, so just wait and let our government figure it out first.  You will know fairly quickly.  Some say certain races are guardians of our Earth and all catastrophes (from above) will be averted because the Earth is so precious in this multiverse and so are its' people.  Whether science fiction or not, let's all try to live up to their understanding of us and be as kind and loving to each other regardless of the situation.



Last but not least, set up a meeting place with your family/friends in case there are no phones, etc. and you are all at work, school, out of town.  Call it Plan B and if that is no longer there, have Plan C as well--memorized!  Everyone in California and oversees, carries a "bug out" bag in their car--a backpack with extra, sturdy shoes, change of clothes, water and food for three days, some cash, some barter items, etc.  It is not a bad idea for all of us to have one of these at the ready, too.  



Remember, you can only be blessed by blessing others--in some form...prayer, helping, giving, whatever--even your thoughts count!  Those blessings and whatever you learn on this Earth-school, is only what you take with you when you transition/pass over/die.  And, for those who have lost someone/s or a pet/s, there IS life after this one.  Some day, I will write a book about my experiences, both personal and working with dying animals.  Fear not, no matter--and look forward to a very joyous reunion.  I sure do.  Love and Hugs always.










A Note to My Angels  June 18 2017

Dear sweet Angels,

Please see the RR blog for the end of June.  I'll be back on this blog after the 4th of July.  You'll understand why. 

Love always and forever.






Smart​ Meters (Ugh.) May 24, 2017


When we built the Rescue Ranch, an analog electric meter was installed on the side of the building.  The type of meter on which the numbers crank around in a circle, with an ever increasing total and the meter reader would come by to read it or the company guesstimated the useage on other months.  Then one day, I was taking care of the dogs and had the TV on.  Suddenly, all of the electricity went out.  Hmmm, I wondered if the utility company was doing work in the area or maybe there had been an accident that had taken down a power pole. 


After a little while, the electricity went back on and all was well.  But it really really wasn't.  The electric company, without notice, had entered onto our property, taken off the analog meter and replaced it with a "Smart Meter"--a digital device--without our consent, against our will and as research would soon show, to the detriment of our health and well-being.  Smart Meters are bad for all of us--both people and animals!


As I began to look into Smart Meters, I found that they didn't just "ping" the usage of our electricity into the company once a month, or even once a week, but hundreds to thousands of times a day!  (I have seen an estimate as high as 6,000 times a day in one article.)  Why is this so bad for us?  Well, at 100 times--give or take--the strength of a cell phone EMF signal (the already confirmed brain cancer-causing electromagnetic field), this meter is pinging all day and all night long--literally riddling our bodies with EMF signals.  In addition to this health hazard, these smart meters have been causing fires at the point of installation and the responsibility of who is at fault when it comes to a loss, seems to be fluid at best.  


I have a huge problem with this health hazard attached to our property, especially now with someone with a terminal brain illness who cannot be subjected to this electromagnetic field (nor can I or the animals). They are also planned to sync the Smart Meters to our "Smart" appliances--if you bought any of them (I hope not).  In an effort to determine if you are home, or what you are doing and when, or or or, the electric company aka the powers that be, can regulate you in more ways than you think.  If you don't pay your bill, in a split second, they can disconnect your service without even coming out.  If you don't vote or donate or do whatever you are "told" to do, your power can be limited, your refrigerator or washer or even everything can be shut down for eight, twelve or even twenty four hours at a time--no notice needed or given.


I remember when we lived in a state with rolling black-outs.  There was no notice and no rhyme or reason (according to us) on who had power when--or for how long.  We'd go to the movies and come home and the entire neighborhood would be pitch black.  The home alarms then didn't work during this time so robbery could have been rampant.  The a/c didn't work--and we had animals in the house and did not expect when we left to have no electricity.  Plus, we always depended on using the garage door opener to get in and that didn't work either.  We had an OMG moment.  We had to pry the garage door open enough for someone very thin to slide through and open the inside garage door to the house and go through the house and open the front door.  There still wasn't any electricity but at least we could put ice blocks in the dogs' dishes and open all of the doors and windows for a little breeze.  I never ever leave without having a full set of keys now--I don't depend on electricity after that.


I've heard that you can get the Smart Meter removed but it is like pulling teeth.  With people beginning to resist, official (sometimes police) escorts are now accompanying the meter teams.  There are sites online with sample demand (removal) letters to send to the electric company and they say that have the right to charge you hundreds of dollars to re-install your original analog meter--if they will do it.  I'm about to try, so we'll see. 


There are faraday cages to buy on amazon and online to install over the Smart Meters to limit their EMF range.  Some people have covered their walls with aluminum foil where they sleep.  We have mylar blankets behind the hutch and taped to the inside wall that the Smart Meter is on outside.  I'm not sure if they will do anything but at least it is an effort to limit the EMFs entering the building. If I had my druthers, I would sleep in a copper mesh faraday cage around my bed (you can find plans online to build all sorts of them) that would keep out all of the neighbors' smart meter transmissions, wireless internet and cell phone signals as well--but then I would have a whole lot of animals on the bed with me because I wouldn't want to be safe and leave them all at risk!


I don't know if we can do anything as fast as technology is progressing but I am going to try.  Some farmers have had a pole installed far away from their homes and barns and have had the smart meter installed on that.  We didn't get any choice or notice.  I think companies doing this may need to be held liable for damage done to our health and to our homes.  There are lots of lawsuits already in the courts and some jurisdictions have gotten ahead of this and banned Smart Meters before the stealth companies got in and changed out the analog meters.  There are even some towns now that are "EMF-free"--that means no cell phones, no wireless or "smart" anything at all and none of these meters.  I'll bet those residents sleep well (the EMF's disrupt your sleep--even if you just keep your cell phone in your room), they aren't at risk for brain tumors and brain illnesses, EMF-caused cancer or fires from the meters.  Maybe there is something to be said for moving to one of those towns.




Life Marches Forward  May 12, 2017


This past Wednesday was a "doctor day" for someone.  He has been on a CPAP breathing machine with a humidifier attachment since he's been sick. The doctor's staff downloaded the data card that was inside it.  It showed how many hours he is sleeping (from 1 to 8 and now up to about 15 hours a day and it is still not enough) from morning until night.  The nights are our days and if I'm lucky, I get about two hours a day/night to lay down and assemble my wits and rest my body. There is no family to help me and no insurance or money to hire help.  (If you still have the option at work to get the extra insurances for these things, please sign up for them.  Someone thought I was being silly when I wanted to do so--when we were healthy, years younger and nothing was wrong.)


The doctor looked at the print-out and had the staff re-run it.  "Hmmm," I thought.  I wonder why.  Lately though, someone is walking slower (like geriatric slower at mid 50's), his two hands have contracted into lobster claws in the resting position although they still function--just much weaker.  He is wearing rubber shoes to keep from slipping (these patients' balance is not right) and he is on hundreds of dollars of meds (after insurance) and about fifteen supplements--from unfiltered coconut oil to turmeric with bioperine to mannitol (I will publish a list that can maybe help others, hopefully soon) that are supposed to prolong life--or at least slow down the symptoms.  Some things we just have not been able to afford and they are sitting on the shelves at the pharmacy.  


You see, without the supplemental insurance, when he can't stand anymore or get out of bed or take a shower, I will need to rent a body hoist and do all of that nursing kinda stuff myself, so we are trying to delay that as long as possible while I get as strong as possible. He is about 75-100 lbs bigger than me. 


When the doctor finished getting the results of the second download, he starting talking about micro-seizures are happening and possible/probably irregular waves in the temporal lobes and more.  I grabbed just below my stomach, for that seems to be where I store all of the stress!  They want to do more studies, more tests, and put someone on a monitoring machine that is regulated now by satellite and can immediately alert the doctors if he stops breathing or has a seizure, which is happening frequently I guess by their responses.  I thought all of the times he doesn't answer me, and just stares past me until he finally answers, was him just thinking about an answer but that is an example of a type of seizure.  Ugh. I went home and sobbed all night. Yesterday, other than doggie and caretaking "duties," I had the covered pulled around me nice and tight.  My old white, faux-down quilt is still comforting--like my personal "blankie!"  I retreat to it whenever there is news I can't process, even if I have to lay down with it in the dining room right now on my cot so I can watch all exterior doors for "wandering" episodes.  You do what is necessary when it comes to a life and death situation like this...


Someone's brain is deteriorating and although I thought we'd beat the odds, I am not so sure anymore.  The two year mark is coming up in December.  Two to seven years is the average prognosis but this case was caught in an advanced stage (it takes so long to get a diagnosis and there is no cure--just treatment for the symptoms as they manifest and progress) so I'm guessing it will be sooner than expected.  I am not prepared for all of this AT ALL and if and when the time comes, I am going to ask that my angels please just hold me together and of course, send lots of prayers to heaven for someone who has really earned his way directly there.


I have been working on someone's bucket list, which seems like it needs to be expedited. He can't do big things anymore--like I know now that he always wanted to go to Australia but never told me until he was sick!--so I've been doing things that he can experience--taste, touch, enjoy, experience--things that won't be available in the great hereafter.  One thing he loved was the show, "Billions," on Showtime but I had to cancel almost all but basic cable due to finances. (You can't take away television totally from Lewy Body Dementia patients lest you provoke psychosis. TV sedates and occupies them which is a blessing.)


Working on the bucket list, I called the TV people and they granted a year of "Billions" for free--and I will be forever grateful.  Someone doesn't know how it suddenly came back on but he certainly makes sure that we sit together and watch it every weekend.  It seems very important to him to watch it together--and to hold my hand.


On this Mother's Day, I won't be getting pancakes or breakfast in bed anymore.  I won't even get the loving card and note that someone always made sure that I received at every holiday, year after year.  He said it is simply too difficult to write anymore (and hard to read his writing, too!!).  I will however, enjoy the time we have together, hopefully with a nice dinner (from one of our angel gift cards) and lots of loving animals around us.  This may be the last Mother's Day we have together--consciously or physically--and, at the rate things are going, it makes every minute all the more precious. 


Please learn from our lives and don't take your loved ones or animals for granted.  They are all precious and time and life is not guaranteed to go on forever--so touch their faces gently, look into their eyes and tell them each that you love them--and really, truly, madly, deeply mean it.  That is a Mother's Day gift that you can't order or buy or ever replace and when your situation changes, you will literally Thank God that you had those precious moments.


Hugs from the Herd to all and much Love. We love you to the moon and stars and back!! 



My Kitchen, My Life  May 9, 2017


I have gates up dividing the kitchen from the rest of the areas.  I have unplugged the appliances (not the frig) and put away all silverware and plates.  Plastic, paper, take-out.  Cold sandwiches, yogurt, cereal.  Soon, I'm told, we'll need to use RED only eating-ware.  It is the only color against which Lewy Body patients can see their food.


I used to have a beautiful pantry.  It was full of flavorings, oils, flours, tools, cookie presses, a herb grinder...everything that could make the best oatmeal or chicken bone-shaped cookies!  It used to make me happy just opening it and looking inside.  It was full of all types of healthy alternatives that I had learned to use over the years.  It had taken me literally years to build a pantry like that.


I had a spice cabinet, too.  It had at least 100 different spices that could not only make a family dish or a doggie dish taste better but be healthier, too.  Now, it is a disorganized or really organized to a different tune, a spice cabinet that is a shadow of its former self.  Some day, it will be just a total loss.  Nothing is what the label says anymore.  Mixes have been made that suit "someone."  I have simplified and just keep pink sea salt and a little bit of black pepper in a hidden container for me and the dogs' use only...


My pantry is now a dented can collection point.  From top to bottom, left to right, it is full of every brand, of every type of dented can.  You see, people with Lewy Body Dementia, while a fatal illness, slide down the path of dementia while the disease is slowly killing them.  Dented cans mean a lot to someone--and yes, it would be a battle of my will--to keep them out of my pantry and it is not worth it.  Some day, I may or may not have my "regular" life back--and my pantry.  (The other day, I was folding blankets and went to put them in the storage room and found that the dented cans collection had found its way into there as well.  I almost fell over!)


What I do know, is that the doctor told me last week that many of these people are left on their own, their families can not cope with the mind-bending adjustments that are required of them and so these patients eventually become wards of the state.  I look at this like God put this on my shoulders and said, "Well now, let's see how you handle this Kid..." and if, through all of my errors and mistakes, shortcomings and failures, I can hear, "Well done..." at the end of the end, I will be happy.  Dented cans and all. 


It's all about our perspective, isn't it?  Only the really big stuff--like life and death kinda stuff--is worth getting upset about.  




A Must Read: Update  April 27, 2017
While I hope nothing comes of all of this, but just in case, I will update you again about what I've been told personally and on shortwave and regular radio.  Seems like the TV news is stuck on tax reform and health care while the rest of the world is preparing for the worst.  It is really frustrating to see this--like there is a news blackout on TV.

I've read and heard that Hawaii (the islands) are preparing for evacuation and/or going into the storm and underground shelters.  They have also requested and are getting a special defense system.  Japan is having drills "just in case" as did NYC, NJ and yesterday, Washington D.C.  The national guard in more states are getting called in and as of May 5th, air space is being closed in many places.  Live tests of equipment have gone on in Florida and California and FEMA camps are being set up. (For Houston, I've heard it is north of Huntsville--for the people who haven't prepared with food and water, medicine and supplies to shelter in place.)  Israel did an attack run on Syria last night--making the mix all the more complicated and because we have a treaty with these countries to protect them, our troops will be spread very thin if things escalate. I wonder if there is a draft coming...

Since once something happens, anything at all probably, there will be a run on the stores and they will be cleaned out in about two hours, so set yourself up for success now for at least two to three weeks.  Get products you can rotate in every day life in case this time nothing happens.  Toilet paper, baby wipes (there will be no showers!), foods that don't have to be cooked or that can be eaten cold if need be like instant oatmeal, boxed soups, dry goods like crackers, cereal, etc.

In the meantime, the Rescue Ranch needs your help to maintain every day life.  Half the fundraiser amount needed (above or Click Here-so I can order everything regularly needed but we are at less than half that (see above this blog).  Please help maintain the RR.  If TSHTF, it will be really hard to keep it going but at least if we have our regular monthly supplies, we can stretch them if needed.  

Thankfully, the sun's CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) just caused blackouts in a few cities and a lot of cell phone and internet disruption but they went around the Earth rather than directly impacting it.  I think we are out of the woods on that one but I am not 100% sure.  I watched quite a few NASA videos on how a CME could affect the planet and quiet frankly, I had no idea that the sun was so fluid and volatile!  I am not going to watch any more of them though.  It really was scary knowing that we have no control over what it does or doesn't do.

Figuring out the amount of water we need here is daunting--never mind how to do all the laundry (during the hurricanes, I did it in a tub with my feet in plastic bags--kinda like stomping wine and then strung rope from the building to a fence and back about four times to have drying room each day).  We didn't have clothes pins then.  Using them would give us more room for drying instead of having to stretch out blankets across the ropes.  Thankfully, we have a pond within walking distance so if need be, we can use the doggie stroller to go get water (it is heavy) and then bring it back, strain it through cheesecloth or t-shirt material a few times and then add unscented bleach and let it sit for a few hours before using.

Time to get back to the dogs and to being caretaker.  A friend told me to watch "The Notebook" when it comes back to TV.  She said it will reinforce me and my decision to not leave someone who is helpless to fend for themselves no matter how hard it is for me.  I look forward to some reinforcement because this is a very difficult place to be.  Your cards and special somethings really mean a lot to me. In addition to having Hope and Faith, I need to find my Joy again.  Maybe that will have to wait until all is said and done.  Only God knows.  

PS If you can, download the app "Talk Stream Live"  or click or copy the link that follows and paste into a browser window.  Every night, keep up with the real news by listening to Clyde Lewis (brilliant) from 9 PM CST to 2 AM (only M-F) or to listen live online or to get the dial in number to listen on your phone. The first three hours are national.  He has so many connections and does so much research that if you don't have a shortwave radio, you can listen to him to keep up with what is going on around the U.S. mostly, but world events are now included. This is just one of the many radio outlets that I listen to on "night duty." 




An URGENT Must Read: Upcoming CMEs and EMPs ??  April 22, 2017


Hoping this is all for naught (for no reason). I need a hug after hearing about all of this, especially given the urgency of getting this update to you.  Let's hope this just comes to pass and life goes on as we know it, but just in case, please use this weekend to be as prepared as you deem need be for you, your family AND your animals.  I would feel remiss if I didn't say something.


First, let me explain what CME and EMP is.  CME is a Coronal Mass Ejection--from the sun.  EMP is a Electrical Magnetic Pulse from miliary hardware.  Both can devastate life as we know it and if one or both come our way, we will go back to the "hunter and gatherer" phase of our evolution according to one news report.  How and why?


Our sun--the big ball up in the sky that heats the earth, let go of three significant blasts or CME this month.  They are headed toward earth next week.  Most estimate Monday but through Wednesday or the end of the week would be a safe window to stay on the alert.  These are more important than the usual burps that the sun gasses up.  They have the potential, depending on whether they hit the Earth directly or on an angle while passing by, to fry every wire, every electronic appliance, every car engine and battery, every heating unit, cooling unit, water pump, power plant...well, you get the idea.  


IF they are a direct "hit," it will get very, very hot--and you will need to stay inside because going outside will take the skin right off your body.  I don't know for how many days but I have heard enough warnings about going outside--and bring in your animals, even if you have to have a horse in the living room for a few days!


Anticipating HOT, clean your tubs now--with unscented (only) bleach and figure out a way to cover/seal the tub drain to then fill the tub/s with water (drains are going to back up and are considered contaminated generally.)


This will be for drinking, for wetting towels and keeping them around your neck and your animals--remembering that they can only cool off really by panting and by keeping their feet cool.  Having some battery operated fans (wait--I will get to how to protect them in a minute) to lay wet towels over to cool the air will help.  I have seven little ones--although I wish I had one for each animal and person!


The dangers of the CME are greater than this. They could start fires all over but the water system won't be pumping water.  They can fry wires in the houses and utilities that can cause fires and/or shut everything down.  Research it. (Coronal Mass Ejections expected April, 2017, etc.)


Animals are particularly sensitive to events like this so if they start acting odd--like before an earthquake they get really fidgety--you may want to keep them separated so they don't fight with each other.  Crates are going to be too hot so use separate rooms or use baby gates to make separate spaces maybe. (Walmart has pet baby gates in the pet section that are $20 each, brown with gold paw prints all over and are more sturdy than a regular tan baby gate.)  The CMEs can cause all kinds of "Earth Events" as well--from earthquakes to the unknown.  I have heard enough constant warnings since Friday morning, when these were announced, to feel it important enough to share.


The other danger is one or more EMPs.  Those would be man-made and activated hundreds of miles over the country.  They would shut down the grids, the power plants, all personal electronics, TV, phones, etc.  Water will not be safe to drink and toilets won't flush.  We may face more than just that on our soil so protection, evacuation plan, back-up flashlights, food, water, pet supplies, etc. will be impossible to find.  This weekend, Texas has declared emergency supplies tax-free and I think at least eight states have their guard on active duty so far.  


Next week, there is a planned action in NYC and NJ to enact an EMP attack (search Operation Gotham Shield).  I hope it is a drill and not an educated anticipation of such an event.  Now, how can you prepare better than stock piling supplies and filling bathtubs?


Faraday cages protect electronics.  Unplugged microwaves are Faraday cages (Google it).  Those aluminum carry bags from the supermarket for cold goods are Faraday cages.  A cardboard box with electronics in it, sealed and wrapped in at least four layers--but ten ideally--of aluminum foil is one.  So is a box, sealed, placed in a metal garage can with a tight lid.  We can maybe save our computers (to watch DVDs if you have solar chargers or if we can use the car to charge it...) or for when the world is fixed. I have one with a little portable AM/FM/Shortwave radio in it with the batteries to run it.  That's it for now.  This way, I will be able to scan and scan until someone can update us--the people who have transmitters in Faraday cages!  Ideally, I would want a HAM radio receiver in a Faraday cage but I don't have one.  If you do or can get one this weekend, put it away and leave it there--batteries out but stored with lots of batteries!


While you are out shopping, pick up some HEIRLOOM seeds NOT Hybrid, of the foods you and your pets can eat.  Put them unopened in a ziplock bag and wrap with foil. If TSHTF, you may have enough food stored away to last until your garden grows--even if it is in your bedroom! 


Think of all things that can be used as planters.  You may be able to grow things outside once they have been started inside (read up or print what you need now for starting a garden from scratch) but then you may have to defend an outside garden from being raided.  Heirloom seeds can be grown many times-- the seeds from say the tomatoes, can be dried on paper towels and stored to grow again next year.  Hybrid, however, is a one-time only plant--and may be embedded with Round-up to keep pests down--hence they would not be non-GMO and no seeds could be saved to make another crop. Most if not all would not produce usable seeds.


A few extras...things to barter with since money will mean nothing--sugar, salt, coffee, candy, even vodka--which can be used for first aid sterilization (with a GIANT, Cringing OUCH) if need be; get some meal replacement powder at the vitamin shoppe which can be mixed into anything or into water for people or pets; peanut butter, water, cereals, canned tuna, chicken and Spam...


...think of things that you and your pets can eat, that keep long-term if you don't need them this time, they will be there for next time (and rotate them as you buy one to eat); print your bank statements this weekend--making sure they are dated--and your prescription and medical records in case the grid goes down, all will be lost.  You will have to prove what you had when and if they can restore the system...


...and first aid basics--from Neosporin (the NO pain relief one for animals), spray Dermoplast for wound pain relief for dogs is OK--not sure for cats, bandaids, two and four inch sterile gauze wrap AND non-stick wound pads that you put the neosporin on and THEN wrap with gauze after first rinsing out the wound with povidone iodine, I hope.  (NOTE: DO NOT pull a pad off of a wound when changing the bandage.  Wet it first with Povidine Iodine solution (brown) or if not, Hydrogen Peroxide--expect an ouch for both and if on a dog or cat, that ouch will cause an involuntary bite so prepare with a muzzle or towel ahead of time).  Dental pain gel, toothpaste, baby shampoo...and lots of UNSCENTED Bleach which can be used for lots of things but especially for sterilizing water (five drops to a gallon, let sit for an hour).  Even get some line and clothes pins and a solar shower bag or heavy duty bag to hang upside down to rinse yourself off once in awhile.


I could go on and on and on but you need to do some research on "preparedness" and make a list tailored to your specific needs.  Most importantly, by say 6 PM Sunday night, have most of what you need--even if it is still in bags.  Put it in the coolest room of the house and organize it next.  


Wrap your radio AND batteries and put it away.  Clean your tubs--and if you don't have a tub or enough tubs, get baby pools at the store (we have a few of those, too).  Clean them and be ready to fill them and keep them in a place where the animals don't play in the water unless they need to, especially if a CME hits directly.  Keep them INSIDE so have potty pads and extra litter--just have towels around the pools and tub/s to soak up the spills and to use later to keep cool.


I hope NONE of this is necessary.  That said, I have heard too much and as one radio show host said, "If the government is preparing for these things right this moment, why aren't we?  There is no harm in preparing.  You will eventually need everything or will have one yummy feast at some point."


The one thing that I can't quite solve is keeping insulin cold.  After reading/listening to the series about the world after an EMP (see posts below), getting insulin and keeping it cold was a major issue.  If I had a dog on it or a child, I would buy extra at Walmart ($25 or so per 1000 unit bottle, no 'script needed) and then make tons of very thick ice blocks that could keep each other frozen in the freezer that no longer works but you keep closed--and take one out at a time and put it in a double insulated portable  container--one inside another.  They couldn't get enough insulin in the book series and the main character's little daughter was insulin-dependent.  That heartache has never left my mind--nor how to solve that quandary?  


...and if this isn't enough, a major psychic has predicted May 13 this year as the day we will enter into a major war.  He said that it is the 100th anniversary of the vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France--and may be the third secret that she imparted to the three children that were blessed to see her--and the one that has never been revealed to the public.  All of the rest above is NOT from psychics but from those in the know, so to speak.


Sending lots of love and Hugs from the Herd.  May God protect us all.


PS Please help the Rescue Ranch (link above to GIVE) or see links on the RR Blog page.  IF we are still around after next week, we need to place a food order soon never mind so many other things are needed normally day to day.  Grateful.  Always.

Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!





On Diet Soda and Dementia.  I really understand.  April 21, 2017


I am writing to you not from the pulpit of judgement but from real, heart-wrenching experience.  I hope you'll give me just a few minutes of your time.  Lord knows, I know personally how hard it is to give up diet soda and the good Lord also knows, how I am struggling to care for someone with dementia. 


Almost twenty years ago, I did it.  I put down diet soda, something I personally never thought I would do.  I tried here and there for a few years prior, but going to homeopathic docs, trying acupuncture, and even a therapy session just didn't keep me away.  I was addicted--addicted to the crisp cold "zing" of the soda and stiff bubbles, never mind the boost of caffeine and a calorie substitute (I thought) that would keep my weight down.  (In fact, it causes you to eventually gain weight!)


As a twist of fate,  I was assigned to write an article about the dangers of aspartame.  That meant I had to search out the experts and interview them, research the facts and write a lengthy story--all while drinking diet pop, always at the ready, right next to my computer.  As I researched the work of Dr. Betty Martini (Google her please--"Betty Martini and Aspartame") and the other experts that fought the FDA not to have this sweetener passed through the system, I felt less and less positive about that can (always with a straw) sitting next to me.  Finally after one famous doc told me that the neurotoxin was cumulative in the brain--it would just keep adding up until something catastrophic happened--I quit cold turkey.  


Yes, the first week was brutal.  I was tired, worked through headaches, wasn't the sunshine-i-est person, craved the bubbles especially (seems silly saying that) and so I had to go through the kitchen and throw out all of the diet soda.  I could not have it within reach. I could not donate it with a clear conscience. I stopped eating out during that time because that was an easy excuse and trigger to automatically order a big, cold diet soda.  I had to control both home and my environment.  I also found that I had to modify the behavior that went along with it.  I drank diet soda for so many years--and as my only beverage.  I had it next to the bed at night and went to bed swigging it down. I am sad for myself now that I know better but I was addicted.


When I quit diet soda and passed the one month mark, I decided to test myself.  I could take one swig of a cold, new can and see what my reaction was.  I was so looking forward to it but when I got the first mouthful, I cringed and actually spit it out!!!! It wasn't what I remembered.  It was a terrible tasting chemical concoction that I now have an aversion to.  I would never pick up a diet soda again--and I never did.  In fact, when, by accident, someone gives me a diet soda in place of a regular soda, I immediately know the difference and return it or just leave it be.  "Cumulative in your brain" are some powerful words to deal with.  I never wanted to know when the point of too much of the artificial sweetener in my brain was reached--and the consequences thereof.  Brain tumors, stroke...and now, dementia.  I know first-hand about dealing with dementia.  It is not just a slow loss of memory.  It is a living nightmare.


This morning when I heard that the greatly increased risk of dementia was caused by diet soda, I had to write this.  PLEASE if you cannot give up diet soda for yourself, do it for your family and loved ones.  I am dealing with a loved one who has fast-progressing dementia.  (FYI, He never drank diet soda.)  The disease is so devastating to the OTHER people in your life as you slip into oblivion.  Spare them the anxiety, stress, heart palpitations, worry, no sleep, so many other side effects that will befall THEM from your fall into dementia.  Cut your risk now while you can and before that "Cumulative" brain point comes.  It will not be reversible.


...and yes, I did use a few regular sodas to get me through the rough spots over the years.  I couldn't stand the sweetness of it but at least I got a few sips and zing of the "bubbles" in before I pushed it away.  I learned to find other cold, bubbly drinks--and there are lots on the market now.  I even made my own, adding flavored syrup to sparkling water.  Anything to keep those words away from my life and brain.  "Oh you poor dear..." I remember one expert saying to me when I was interviewing him and told him that I was a diet soda drinker.  The sadness in his voice made me feel like my funeral was just around the corner.  Eek.


Today, I am strictly a bubble/water drinker which is so opposite what I was--although, on the rare occasion that we go to a restaurant, I will still have a "sugar" soda.  I don't order lots of refills like I did with diet soda.  I can't drink that much sweetness but I do enjoy the cold, crisp "bubbles." It was all about the bubbles, at least for me.  I keep sparkling water always cold and have a few sparkling juices with Xylitol in the frig.  At least that artificial sweetener helps my teeth cleaner by killing the biofilm that causes cavities, kills the nasty Candida fungus in the body that causes so many systemic candidasis symptoms, and helps clear out the sludge in my brain.  The down-side is that it is deadly to animals so IF I even open a Xylitol drink, I am so careful to not leave it open, anywhere a dog can get to it, not to spill, not to even drop a drip.  With that much anxiety, it isn't often that I even bother. Just keeping a few cold in the frig is enough to just know that they are there if I get weak. In the back of my mind, I can't help but wonder when they will discover the side effects of that sweetner, too...


Please, diet soda lovers, spare your loved ones from caring for you after a stroke, brain operation or the spiral of dementia.  If you can't do it for yourself, do it for them.  I understand how you can't see the forest for the trees right now, but in one month, I promise, you'll never understand how you ever even drank the stuff. 


Written with love and total compassion.  You just have to make the decision of your will, of your spirit, to stop now--your body can't do it anymore. You are addicted and I more than completely understand.


PS Please send someone here who you care about who drinks diet soda. They need to hear this message from someone who really knows about this issue not just read a scrolling news blurb that is too easy to dismiss. Save their life--and spare their family from dealing with the agony of dementia or worse.




So much to say, so little space/time  April 18, 2017


I am trying to help "someone" get things in order--whether it be for a move, for spring cleaning or while his memory is still working some of the time.  The problem with getting things in order means pulling everything out and sorting through it, assigning emotional value or not, deciding to donate, throw out or give is overwhelming and messy.   


In a healthy brain/mind, you see something and can make a decision within a relatively short period of time of what to do in each situation.  You may put a few things aside to hem and haw over keeping vs. giving away but you CAN part with things that are no longer useful or relative. 


With dementia, everything is important and nothing can be parted with.  So, as I pull things out of closets and cubbies, thinking that I'm done clearing out that area, I find just about everything reorganized, repackaged in another area--usually an area that I just cleared out and cleaned!  I think things went to a homeless shelter and instead, they never left.  Sometimes, I have to take a few days break just from utter frustration.  Dealing with an unrational mind is extremely difficult to say the very, very least.


On top of that, I was very sick for the last month or so.  I never thought​ that I would dread another vanilla shake, no cherries (my favorite) on top.  I will be forever grateful to them though for they saved my poor, scorched intestines.


(I would pour one shake, whipped cream and all, in a quart ziplock bag and stack them flattened in the freezer.  When needed, I let them slowly soften for an hour, propped up, and then just drank them right out of the bag with a straw. FYI, McD's shakes are about two ounces bigger which turned out to be VIP in a situation like this but BK shakes were better quality I thought.)


The pain was so bad at times that oral medicine was not enough, hence the 'always open' hospital option I refused for IV pain relief and probably surgery, so I wound up having to use meditation and breathing techniques to just live through it--there were times I didn't know if I could literally stand the pain but I figured if birthing women can do it, so can I!  It was just a matter of how long until healing...


But, it was this past Monday night, when a stone finally and surprise! passed through--and while exhausted, sore and bruised inside, all was suddenly well.  I am wanting to eat everything I can imagine but I have to go easy. My intestines are still on the mend.  I saw and heard the stone and was so shocked but so sick that I couldn't think to find a way to keep it.  It was the size of half of a large jawbreaker's candy in the store 25 cents dispensers.  No wonder I had so much pain as the scorched parts were healing! I felt every bend and twist of that stone through my yards and yards of guts!


The take-away?  All of us should drink apple juice daily or as often as possible.  Even if you have to dilute it and drink four ounces of water mixed with four ounces of it.  The malic acid in apple juice softens gallstones, relieves the sludge that can back up and suddenly explode out (which is what happened to me when I stress-vomited) and it can even dissolve stones already there over time.  


There is also great truth in "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!"  In addition to helping gallbladders,  those simple apples (organic please--soaked in hydrogen peroxide or an oxygen rinse to clean them) contain so many micronutrients that we do not get any longer from our food.  


Dipped in peanut butter, whole, sliced with cheese and crackers--even dehydrated without sulfites if possible...find a way to get them into you and your dogs!  (They LOVE them--even just a slice at a time--or if on sale, a cored apple stuffed with peanut butter--from an icing piping bag or squeezed from a ziplock bag with a corner cut off--frozen or not--make great treats!).


On the mend and so, so grateful...


P.S. While this blog wasn't intended to provide links and photos, it is just a place to easily share what's on my mind, do your own research please.  


**Most importantly, keep your water levels UP and your stress levels DOWN!  Learn from my life and avoid this kind of pain and agony!!




A MUST READ   April 4, 2017


I have been holding onto this link, not wanting to upset anyone, especially after watching a Sunday night interview.   Then, today, I heard an interview by the same high-level defector and then tonight, another high level interview on mainstream news and I knew that I had to let you know.  There is a very high possibility that we are soon to be engaged in action that could directly affect us--not just from afar but on our own soil.  Please read the article below as soon as you can.  This is written by a very well-respected researcher and it includes a video link to the defector's TV interview from Sunday, April 2.


After, or even before, please get, borrow, listen to, the book, One Second AfterI have posted my review below on March 21, 2017--with a link to order it in every version available.  (Just scroll down.) Since you may only have one time to listen to it, although it is only fiction, have a notebook handy.  Also, make a list of items that your family would need if all the stores were closed for awhile and a list for those that you can afford to use as barter material (you'll learn more reading or listening to the book).  My list includes unscented-only bleach (water sanitation) and baked beans for instance.  I don't usually post such serious subjects but I just don't like what I am seeing and hearing lately.


Know that God is in charge--here or in the hereafter--so if worse case were to come, just plan on meeting everyone "there"--since we're all headed there eventually--and don't panic.  Let's hope this post is for naught.





 New Emojies Coming! March 24, 2017


The company who puts the Emojies on our phone, just listed 69 new candidates for comments and input.  A hedgehog, a dinosaur, more.  What do they mean to you? While the website wasn't posted where to find these new doodles, I am sure that you can find it if you search online.


One of the new ones being proposed is a happy face with the top of it's head exploding.  Perfect, I thought, for how I feel right now except the eyeballs need to be spinning around.  Taking care of someone with FAST-progressing dementia, even if it is from a brain illness, is such a test of the very fabric of your being.  And, yes, there are days that the new emojis would be the only thing I would need to post for you to understand what's on my mind!


I think I need a special set of emojis.  There are things that happen in a situation like this that are beyond words. Someone's mother keeps calling from her nursing home telling him to stop being lazy and just go get a job!  It then throws him into a tizzy beyond belief because he wants to be working but can't be even left alone and can't use logic to bridge reality with what she is saying!


Emergency medicine, letters, ID card with special disease instructions, a coming GPS locator, more--it simply would not be safe for someone to get a job but mommie dearest keeps pushing those buttons, leaving me to deal with the consequences.


The doctors told me a year ago, "Don't argue with dementia" but it is so hard.  You keep saying the same logical thing twenty times before you realize the disagreement never even "left the station."  Now, my desk is being "sorted" out for me as is my purse and my bathroom...


I was told there will come a time when I'll have to take away unsupervised phone access, well the time has a arrived. What they didn't tell me, and now I see, is thàt I need to put my computer, desk, files, etc. --basically anything I want to keep in order or unused/unwrecked, in a room and get a key lock for it.  Our entire relationship has been based on trust and openness and respect for each other's things, so this is really going to be difficult. With someone insisting that they are going to "fix" my computer fans, which could cause a wipe-out, I have to act sooner than later.


Please take your coconut oil daily and if you can, get on some curcumin and bioperine immediately! (These are the dementia-fighting, disease-killing derivatives of turmeric and black pepper respectively that work together.) Be sure to check with your healthcare provider to make sure there are no conflicts with your current meds or health conditions first.  


I will make a list of the supplements, brands, etc. that my --or the docs--research lead me to.  It will be on another page soon but I will announce the link here.


Prevention is a million times better than the battle. Remember that when you can have fruit or a cookie (sugar is a huge disease growth factor) or a salad versus a bowl of pasta, if you can't give up the bad stuff, maybe go half and half?  Take this advice from someone trying to help a loved one who is progressing daily into a later stage of Lewy Body Dementia--called the long goodnight--now happening at a stunning rate.  


Yes, genes play a roll but do all you can to bank the odds in your favor!  (When I met "someone," his oven was filled with cookies!!) Sugar and aspartame.  Stay away from both!! I speak with heart-rending experience.  Love.


PS  Writing from my phone. Will fix text issues first chance I can get on my computer!! 



 Thoughts from a dying friend   March 17, 2017

(This came to me via email.  I thought I would share it.  I made it G-rated and the words substituted have an * after them.)


"I knew he didn't have long to live.  I was sitting next to him on a cold bench at Brighton beach, staring out at the ocean.  "I want to tell you some stuff*," he said. "Pass it on."  And then he began telling me the things he'd learned in his short time on this planet. The kind of things we all need reminding of from time to time, but we oh-so-easily forget.

He started talking...

"Rule number one, most stuff* don't matter."

The stuff you spend hours worrying about or getting excited over often doesn't really matter. Focus instead on the deeper things that will really count toward a happy life.

"Rule number two, let go of the past."

Regrets and bitterness hold you back. The past cannot be changed. Life only ever moves forward.

"Rule number three, everyone dies with a TO DO list."

Don't make work your life, unless it's something you truly enjoy. Everyone dies with a TO DO list. Don't glamorize busy-ness.

"Rule number four,  jerks* exist."

Forget trying to make everyone happy. The world is full of jerks. Don't waste your time trying to understand them or please them.

"Rule number five, stop waiting."

It's so easy to delay doing something, just because we're waiting for the situation to be perfect. It will never be perfect. Do it now anyway.

"Rule six, know you're "bleeping"* awesome... !"

It's so easy to forget how amazing you are. You're always uniquely you, no matter how hard you try not to be. Accept it, love yourself, and go live it large.


The thing is...He died last week.  He wanted me to pass this onto you. So that's what I'm doing.

Passing on the lessons of a late friend, to help remind you to live an awesome life today :-)

Love -- Karl Moore   (@Karl Moore)




Not Just for the Religious: Divine Mercy picture showing up all over   March 15, 2017


For as long as I can remember, I have carried a prayer card with a picture of the Divine Mercy with me in my Bible.  The Divine Mercy is the name of the picture of Jesus Christ that Sister (now Saint) Faustina painted when she was hardly 20--from a dream she had telling her to paint Jesus exactly as she saw him in her dream.  She did but she was an "amateur" painter and so the convent Mother hired an Italian painter to take her version, make repairs to the original canvas and then make a professional duplicate of the painting.  


Just tonight, as I was searching for a Divine Mercy picture for you, I ran into the a picture of the original in a documentary.  I took some screen shots and will try to assemble them into something you can recognize.  I feel blessed and amazed, because for more than 40 years I have looked for that original, and just tonight it came into my life.


This website is not religious, per se, although any one who reads it with regularity knows, in a nutshell, that I believe in God--in Something much bigger than us, who is pure LOVE--who does not judge us for what we did or didn't do but for how much love we can bring back to "heaven" with us when we get there.   Love can come from all sources--doing good deeds, loving another, loving yourself--not in vanity but in mercy; loving pizza, loving music, loving animals.  Love comes in many, in fact, infinite forms.


The reason I am sharing "my" precious Divine Mercy with you today is two-fold.  Lately, I have been seeing the Divine Mercy (copy of the painting) all over--even in non-Catholic doctor's offices!  And, I so wanted to share my own story. There must be a reason for this although I do not know yet.


When I used to live alone, before "someone" came into my life," if I didn't have a bunch of foster dogs who doubled (I'd hope) as watch dogs, I couldn't sleep.  I lived in a very nice area and really had no reason for fear--which spiritually is the oppositive of love by the way, not hate. 


As I was sitting in prayer, I realized that I could turn that fear over to Him--that if he could create the world, know me before and after I was born, move the earth, then He could protect me!


Since I am a Catholic-raised-now-adult with just some vestiges left of my upbringing, I was taught that God came in three parts--the "Father," Son and Holy Spirit.  There were no paintings that I knew of easily found of God or the Holy Spirit but I had a picture of Jesus, the Divine Mercy, always tucked in my Bible.  


I decided that day so many years ago and at every house and every day since, I taped my prayer card of the Divine Mercy inside my front door.  If He could do it all, and I needed to surrender it all, I did.  And boy, back then, before I had to be night medic and night monitor, I slept like a baby.  I never worried again.  Now, I made copies of my original card and have them taped inside all doors. "Someone" may start wandering, or who knows what is to come, but it is said that "evil"--seen or unseen--can never cross the threshold where the Divine Mercy is posted.  I choose to believe that then and even today.


Every day at two o'clock PM, I still pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy despite my extreme displeasure with the Catholic Church leadership itself. The Chaplet takes about 15 minutes and although it sounds repetitive, it does change.  Eventually, it will get into your soul and when you hear it, no matter how many years later, you will feel such love, confidence, protection, overwhelming gratefulness of being a part of something bigger than yourself--not the Catholic Church but a group of people harmonizing together for good.  


Since I don't want to offend those who may not be religious or spiritual, I am going to put a scan of my original prayer card (that is still on every door), as well as a new pics and the link to pray/listen to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy in Song.  (Just kind of listen to it with your eyes closed--let the prayers of your own heart and soul surface on their own.)


Divine Mercy Page:   It is not on the navigation bar to the right.



My Book Review: One Second After by William Forstchen   March 12, 2017


To order the book or audible version, Click Here.


Read the entry below dated March 2, 2017 to see how I was gifted these book credits to use as my back healed. Falling backward across a tub sure hurts! Make sure you use non-skid after bath mats. I didn't.  

 I LOVE Hummers!  March 8, 2017

For as long as I can remember, I have loved, no, adored, hummingbirds.  I am not sure what began our love affair but I've always had feeders for hummers since I have been little.  Mike can remember his grandpa making feeders for them out of pop bottles inverted into a red-color base with holes in it for them to drink (his Gpa was an engineer).  They were strung all all throughout their yard.  I grew up with the classic clear store-bought feeders with the red and yellow "flower" feeder holes.  What we didn't know then, but DO know for awhile now, is that that red food coloring in the commercial solution is very bad for their health.  (On the very bottom of the RR blog page, there is a recipe that I use--after I make it and it cools down, I keep in the frig for a few weeks for filling Hummingbird feeders.  The feeders should be out of the sun to keep the "nectar" cool and to keep the reproduction of mold to a minimum, easy to see and safe--that is very important.  Do not hang it low enough for dogs, cats, other predators to grab their little precious bodies while they are trying to "drink.") About five feet off the ground seems to work best.

Mike's grandma (Gma) and I shared a love of these amazing birds.  She used to buy me books about them for birthday presents or Christmas and after I read them, I would send or give them back to her to read.  Well into her 90's, she still kept her favorite chair next to her second floor patio, when we could, we would drive three hours or so to take her out for dinner--and clean and refill her feeders--leaving extra solution in the frig!  They provided so many hours a day of entertainment--and yes, they really do provide entertainment! The little birds would share the feeders for awhile but then, every once and again, one would come in and dive down and clear the area to have the entire "flower" to himself.  Some would challenge him, others just fly in a holding pattern until the offender was finished.  They do stop flying once in a blue moon, I would be able to see one rest on my railing and with my father's binoculars, I would study it.  I could sit for hours if life didn't always call.  (Tonight, I went and got Gma's purple socks and put them next to the TV so she could "watch" the show with me--after all, life is all about energy and so is life after death.  Our thoughts and prayers DO reach our loved ones--both people and animals--on the other side almost instantaneously. That I know for sure.)

I wondered how they slept, how fast they beat their wings...and I learned that their heart beats about 1000 times a minute--imagine that!--but at night, they go into "torpor" which is like hibernation and their heartbeat goes down to 70 beats per minute.  If they didn't do that, they would not survive the night without constantly eating because of their fast metabolism.  Mama Hummers lay one egg at a time, leave it for the night to harden, and come back to lay another.  For two weeks, they nest until the eggs hatch--a day apart--and then, the gigantic feat of feeding three birds (themselves and their babies) begins.  They not only drink nectar but eat tiny bugs and regurgitate them up to feed their young.  

Hummers come in all colors of the rainbow--really fantastic colors, from pink to purple to green and more, some shimmering, some so phenomenal, that the colors would make a magical painter's palette.   I once held a Hummer. She had been hurt and I took her in and made a little soft wool sock/basket for her and for three days practically non-stop, I fed her ??--and when she was itching to fly again and had recovered, I held my precious cargo in my hand and took her to a safe place and released her.  She was as heavy as carrying a little two ounce? marshmallow and so gentle and fragile.  I hope you, too, decide to make space in your life for Hummers.  

Mike used to hang feeders (somehow) down over our second floor patio, what back when, so I could sit and watch them.  It takes patience but it is worth it.  After sitting quietly in a chair about four feet from the feeders for an hour or less, they came!  I was thrilled.  I was laughing (ever so quietly), fascinated, worried, couldn't believe how they were selfish (some of them) when there were plenty of "flowers" for everyone...Now, we have the feeders hung in the trees--I have to remember where they are because they have to be washed out with soap and water every week and refilled.  Bad nectar will make them very ill, even kill them, which would be so, so sad.  If you want to attract more birds, research the type of flowers that attract them and plant them under the feeders or throughout your yard or in a pot on your porch or patio. They will find them!

Here's to Hummers--and to Gma.  Sending lots of kisses and hugs and memories to heaven...

Note: Houston PBS Nature Program: SUPER Hummingbirds  800-364-8300  With a small gift, they have the DVD of the show and/or Peterson's field guide to Hummingbirds of North America (covers more than 31 species) with migration routes and over 250 color photos--OR you can keep an eye out for the show like I do (on about every six months and its free!!).


Very Important Lessons to Be Learned In Case of an Emergency   March 7, 2017


There is a book that I used one of my credits on that I think y'all should read, listen to but most importantly, take lots and lots of notes.  It is extremely relevant to our times now and even though it is a fiction novel, I have been amazed at what I have learned to be aware of, of what could happen, etc.  It is, "One Second After. It is a John Matherson novel. (I think it is book two of a series--The Final Day and One Year After, as well--you may want to start from the beginning to the end but I found that I didn't need to--but it may be interesting to do so.) It is not a religious series but a practical one. Plus, the more chapters you listen to or read, the more invested in the characters you'll get in addition to the lessons that each brings to the reader.


With so much political unrest right now, everyone should read this. This is a book about a small town in the U.S., which suddenly experiences the complete loss of power--of their cars, homes, electronics, etc.  Everything with "digital" anything, they find out, has been disabled by an EMP--an attack of some sort, by some unknown enemy (I am not quite halfway through to tell you that answer) way above the clouds that disrupts and "cooks" all digital parts forever.  Only things that were hardened or old or protected--work--and they find themselves figuring out how to manage food, rationing, medicine, transportation, people stuck on the highway--since their cars suddenly stopped working, too--unrest, disease, safety issues--just so much more.  


In the first hour or so of listening to the audible version, I was a little taken a back by the man reading it--he imitated womens' southern accents or little kids and I am so used to reading a book myself, that I almost gave it up thnking it was a little "corny" but I am so very thankful that I didn't. I went back for another try and decided that I would find a little humor in his efforts and pay attention to the message.  There is much to be learned from this book, even about our pets, how to protect them, how they could be endangered in a situation like this, etc.  Issues I would have never ever have thought about in case of an emergency, the characters bring up, discuss the pros and cons as a group and give their justification for their decisions.  It really will help you if we ever face an emergency like this--even just the long, long-term loss of electricity due to a natural disaster, the issues in this book are very relevant.


There is not going to be time to order it or a way to listen to it should something happen to our electric grid/s, so get it now (You can even order used copies online.) I can't stress sooner than later nor strong enough that this is a must read--and take notes.  You will be entertained by the story but just about on every "page," there is something that should be seriously taken notice of.  


Thanks for listening and for caring. Especially for caring--about the Rescue Ranch and about what's On My Mind!


 How Imaginative Are You!?  March 2, 2017


As you know, I have spent nearly three months (or am going to spend that long) with my back packed in ice, laying in bed--off and on--to keep the swelling down and let my back heal.  With no TV in the room, I have only had my phone to keep me busy--either that or sleep--and I can tell you that there is only so much you can nap.  I have found that there are only so many times I can look at my phone, Google questions that pop into my head, keep myself busy.  Then, a few angels must have realized what the situation was like for me and listen to what happened...


One angel has been sending me (almost daily) Youtube videos that she has pre-screened about topics that she knows that I am also interested in (not just animals).  Another sent me a temporary membership to Netflix, which I have been wanting for years to watch "Orange is the New Black," and the "OA."  I am so far behind on the first season that I am not sure that I will even finish season one of four before my password runs out!  Someone sent me the Iheart (Radio).com and Talk Stream Live links so I could listen for free to a whole bunch of radio shows and replays day and night.  Someone else sent me three (from amazon) credits with two or three other credits that have just come in.  This way, I don't have to hold the phone and look at the screen but can let the author read their book to me--and I love it!  The selection of books is amazing and once you download the book onto your phone, you can take your time "reading" with no expiration date--just the credits expire if you don't use them by the time the temporary membership expires.


Needless to say, I am so glad that I have not had to lay in bed, cold from the ice, literally counting the minutes of my life pass by.  I was bored beyond bored.  I have tried writing the RR blog a few times from bed but it is difficult to write on a teeny tiny screen and I've noticed that not only is there no consistency in font size or type but I cannot insert any artwork or photos.  At least I could communicate a little bit but I can't access the RR email from my phone--the needs to be factory reset and then everything reinstalled and right now, I haven't wanted to part with it even for a minute! So, if you have emailed me there or send any gift or credit, I will get it this weekend when I can sit a little longer and go through my email.  (When you have a public email, you'd be surprised at the amount of spam I have to sort through, including other writers, telling me that they enjoy my writing and if I don't mind, are going to "borrow" some of my ideas for their blogs.  Copyright law anyone??


So, if you ever hear that your friend broke their leg, had an operation, is stuck at home or in bed, there are so many ways to make a difference!  And, speaking from the previous place of complete boredom, I can tell you that I have learned a lot (even all about ET's and building a dome home just following the progression of videos on Youtube), natural healing, Mike's illness, new dog and cat illnesses and cures, spiritual and metaphysical issues, prayed, researched just about every question that ever had popped into my head that I ever wanted to know--from someone's birthday to their profession to so much more!  Unfortunately, my phone has a limited amount of data on it so when I reached that limit, the phone switched to a slower speed and kept buffering (that circling spinning wheel kept interrupting anything that I was doing), so I'd have to wait until the next month to pick up the shows where I left off.


I am so grateful for your caring about me enough to do special things like that. Prayer cards, mass cards, info and prayers about angels, more, have all kept me busy when I can sit up and read.  A few more weeks to a month to go but I can tell you it was mentally painful to lay in bed just counting the passing minutes--especially knowing how much I wanted to be doing!  Thank you for continuing to take care of Mike, the RR animals and for saving me from that unbearable fate of boredom!   Love always and sending lots of Hugs!!





The Dangers of Social Media February 17, 2017

We recently had a member of adult protective services and two constables show up at our home.  Someone from social media read our very valid fundraiser asking for help during this difficult time (see blog post dated Feb. 18, 2017--did you know it takes over $300,000 to help a Lewy Body diagnosed person alive for just a few years!?), and instead of helping, or offering a prayer, "anonymous" decided to make an anonymous call and say that the authorities needed to both check that Mike had food and that I was being terribly abused and so, I had to submit to a body inspection by three men with flashlights on the threshold of our front door.  I had just gotten out of the shower, etc.etc. and was very upset by this not only because the claim is not true but my dignity was compromised and having a man with a terminal illness having to go outside to show what he was being fed for dinner--a sub, oranges and cookies--this incident could have caused a psychotic incident if the constables hadn't been so kind.  This action put Mike's life at risk--he would have/could have wound up being arrested, tased, put in an institution or worse if he had been in an agitated state when this all happened. This could have been a life or death event--but thankfully he was tired and cooperated but with a unpredictable terminal brain illness nothing is concrete.


Please think of the far-reaching consequences before you ever ever do something like this--and don't do it if you can find another solution. Last night, I had to make an emergency call to his medical liaison and get her involved to subdue the situation and make sure that the event didn't get ramped up.  It took over two hours of her time, late at night and thank God she was willing.  These emergency extras are not covered by insurance so whoever did this just could cost us a small fortune as well!  I did learn a few things from our professional visitors last night.  I was advised to take down the public gofundme page and if we needed to, make one that is password protected and so I shall.  Thieves are tracing the source of the gofundme issuers and robbing them, thinking there is a pot of gold under the rainbow instead of grasping that we don't ever see the money as cash and it goes to pay expenses almost as soon as it is gifted.  The bad guys (and good guys) are also reviewing all of your facebook and instagram pics to see what valuables are in the background--and what you are doing.  You are an easy target--apparently, addresses of the computer or phone IP addresses are easy to get/locate.  Just think about what happened to Kim Kardashian--all the way in Europe!  Do you want that to be you, too?


I learned my lesson last night and so, other than the home page, all pages will be password protected.   Just please, if I don't know you, write a note in the comments section explaining why you want to read about the Rescue Ranch or Project Hope.  And most of all, please DO NOT post our info on facebook, twitter, etc.  You can mention our work and if people show some sort of effort to help and not just be a voyeur, they will be able to read about our work, share our stories and more.  Thank you so much for understanding.  Sending love and always, Hugs from the Herd!


Forget-me-not honor of all of our terminally ill loved ones.


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