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Wishing on a Star: Our Dream
Somewhere out there is a piece of land--
with lots of shade trees, plenty of fresh water
and cool breezes...
A place where we can build the Rescue Ranch--
a environmentally friendly building with access
for special needs people and animals.
A place with a pool with a beach entrance (no
stairs) for rehab and exercise for the animals-
with little cabins on site for volunteers and
This will be a place of peace and healing--or
passing.  A place where the sun is harnessed for
power and for power of cleansing disease. 
Animals will have a giant park to run in--and to
be adopted from. 
As I think of each component of my dream, I'll keep 
listing them. Someday, it will come to be.

The model for the main building is a vet's office!

The Land
Since the main building is huge, and we want to centrally located it with a 10 acre 
(totally fenced) adoption park in the back--with a separate pool area and ponds.
Ideally, we are looking for a piece of land that is at least 40-45 acres.
The land must be above the flood tables/water tables since we cannot
have stairs with special needs access.  
It can literally be any where in the country, although the original
Rescue Ranch idea was founded in Texas--and which we will always remember
with a Texas Star in a place of honor on the new building.
The Texas Star will be displayed proudly!
The Buildings
The main building will provide a visitor's lobby; veterinary
intake rooms; administration and visiting rooms
--separately, the hospice and birthing rooms.
There will be 8-12 cabins around the rear perimeter of the
park area for visitors and volunteers, and a housing for
an on-site caretaker. Perhaps adoptors coming from out of
the area can stay over and get to know
their animals--or learn how to care for them if special needs
or rescuers can come to be trained.
Special buildings or branches on the main building are needed
for a birthing/nursing unit; hospice unit (for terminally ill animals);
areas with separate ventilation for quarantine--both for new
arrivals and a separate unit for the ill.
A club house/changing area out at the pool would make
towels, pet diapers, first aid supplies, floats, etc. (and
snacks for people and animals) all easily accessible to those
volunteering there and visiting/learning.
The Pool
A three-sided (or four) pool if ever there was one goes here...
a beach entrance, which slowly slopes into the water
would be needed; one entrance with a shallow very
large set of stairs and one side for divers/deeper end
with harness/lift for larger animals who need rehab
or want to swim. (We want to explore using Ozone--
not chlorine--for the pool filtering system.)
A beach entrance makes it easy for little dogs and
those who are injured to get into the water easier.
The Park
This idea came from a rescue friend in Taiwan.  
Adoptable animals are all brought to an off-leash
park and adopters all come to watch the animals
play and to get to know them better--there are less
returns, more permanent placements and the animals
are cage-free which is very important.
Using the Millie Bush Dog Park in Houston,TX as the
model for the park, there will be a small dog area--with
its own pool or pond--a large dog area and a special area
for animals who are not other dog friendly but who need
to get out, too!
Special Considerations
On a wing and a prayer, this will all come together.
All of this or a part of it at a time--maybe a piece of land,
maybe some supplies, maybe a door knob at a time...
Bit by bit, it will all come together as a model of what sheltering
and caring for homeless animals should be.
Down to the Tiniest Detail

I keep a notebook handy and write down any little detail that would make life easier for the animals living here.  Some day, when the call comes that our prayers have been answered--that land has been donated as well as funds to build the new Rescue Ranch--I want to be a step ahead so we can design the buildings!


PS If you want to give $1 or a million dollars...whatever you can give, will get us closer to our dream.  Thank you for caring. 

Ideally, we need 45 acres of land (not in a flood plain) and the funds to build...Benefactors who love animals/want to do good, where are you?

Email me: if you have any questions--or feel inspired to jump in and build the new Rescue Ranch!

Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!


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