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Distemper?  There is HOPE--and a Treatment.

Dr. Alson Sears, has dedicated his life to treating Canine Distemper and Parvo
--and found the cures!

Trying to save Baby Hope, the last survivor of a litter of puppies with neurologic distemper, Dr. Sears' serum was made but it was too late.  After God called Hope's name, her mother Cherry was saved by Dr. Sear's protocols and much serum was left over--which became the founding serum for Project Hope.


Helping Sick Dogs: Project Hope, The Distemper Project, Continues On

In 2010, our vet was able to make serum from ten donor dogs to start, with many more since then. From the original serum, almost two hundred puppies and dogs were saved from an almost certain death. There is more to learn, a reference guide to put together and much more serum to make and to make available. We need to show more vets and scientists that it has worked time after time after time and how to make the serum locally!
Eventually, a large university or scientific company will realize the importance of Dr. Sears work and one day, it will become available to all vets. 
Thank you so much for caring--especially for caring.  
(Please go to: for more information about the treatment for distemper and to download the protocols for your vet to make the life-saving serum.  Thank you!)



Canine Distemper: There is a CURE IF...


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