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Please enjoy some of the beloved doggies who we have had the honor of caring for!


Bunny Bun Buns, one of the two wheelchair girls at the Rescue Ranch (and the protector of the Dingo treat box) is also one of the "Butterfly Girls." Pasha and Bunny used to wear headbands with all different, colorful designs on them when they went to rehab that a creative RR angel sent them. In this photo, look carefully and you'll see the gold, glittery Butterfly on her head that another RR Angel sent to both girls.

Mr. Kasey, the beloved dog of a soldier who had to surrender him when he shipped out (and we would love to reconnect them!), came with a tiny plastic bag containing all of his worldly possessions: a green and white checked leash; ear medicine that went unused for six months after the soldier left; and a couple of little Greenies. Until that day, we had never had Greenies at the Rescue Ranch and probably would have never tried them. Honoring the memory of an animal's previous life is so precious to us and them, and so we began to give Greenies to Kasey and other dogs who liked them. He is eleven now, so he is in the Senior Greenie category now! In this photo, a RR Angel sent Greenies and a happy Kasey was the first to get one.

Big Mandy, is the largest dog at the RR--over 160 lbs now! She looked so beautiful on this fall day, with the wind blowing her furry feathers around. She thought it was great fun to have our Halloween pumpkin out in the middle of the yard and decided to roll all over it! Mandy has had a very, very difficult life filled with abuse but with patience and understanding (and love), she has blossomed into a wonderful dog.


Rocky Rocks. had double FHO (hip surgery) and then still had problems walking. He has a hyper-extended hock and needed a custom brace to prevent damage and for speed! A RR Angel sponsored his brace and now, he runs all around, happy as can be. He would be a fantastic family dog! Rocky is so happy, loving, affectionate and just plain happy. (Bunny loves being around him--she is playing with him out of her wheelchair.)




Little three pound Bitty Bits, who was originally named Dizzy when he was surrendered, snuggled up to a stuffed toy that a RR Angel sent to him. He loves softy things and always knows where the softest toys and blankets are! He had two terrible traumas happen to him before he arrived here but now, he is the apple of my eye and a happy-go-lucky little guy with a huge personality! 


Heart--short for Sweetheart, named so, because he has a white heart in the fur on the back of his neck--is a Min Pin mix young dog who loves to run like the wind! He is super affectionate and wants to please his people. He is very smart and needs a home with lots of people to love him and a large fenced yard--but no little dogs or animals since the breed has a strong prey drive. We adore Heart and hope that his family finds him soon!



A Special Note of Thanks...Many of the animals at the Rescue Ranch who needed surgery, were sponsored by my readers. For their help, we will be forever grateful. Now, if we could just find the dogs that are all healed some great homes...

Millie is a water baby and in order to get a photo with her and our pumpkin, I had to put it in the middle of her baby pool! Millie is the happiest, nicest dog. She seems like sunshine itself. Found wandering a neighborhood with her jawbone sticking out after a crushing dog bite, little 13 lb Millie is now nearing 60 lbs. Done with surgeries, our wish for her is that an active family with lots of kids to play with her, comes forward to adopt her. 


Pasha Dasha, the other Butterfly and wheelchair girl, went through lots of rehab to try to help her regain walking on her own. Without having the treadmill that we need here (on our Christmas BIG Wish-list), we cannot afford to sustain the three times weekly therapy that she needs and so she has regressed. She has regained feeling in her feet and legs after trying laser and Alphasonic therapy but it is not enough (she was hit by a car and had surgery before she was surrendered). Pasha cannot stand unaided but she certainly can dance a happy dance when she sees someone or a dog that she loves!


Mama Mia, who was named originally Miss Moneypenny when she was brought into the ER after being hit by a car (and recovering from a severe head injury, broken leg and seven babies) clearly never had had a Dingo treat before in her life--or a McDonald's cheeseburger! When she was given her first taste of both of these, she was so excited! Now, she is a Dingo collector--unaware dogs will find their treats stolen right out from under them and all nestled in a pile in her crate! She also had a very advanced case of heartworm and has heart complications that we deal with daily.


Marilyn and Monroe were surrendered together right before they were going to be euthanized by a desperate family--but Mary was very sick. My first Min Pin rescue/ever, my love, she passed away six months later and it took Monroe almost a year to grieve and to begin to live again. Now, he has a few cutie pies that he pals around with and is an easy dog to have around. He is well-trained and very affectionate. He is also very tolerant and lets us try on different outfits! What a sweetheart.


Miss Precious, one of the RR "stars," is sometimes a ham for the camera. She posed for about 20 pics next to our pumpkin before galloping away to play with her buddy, Rocky. Precious was left behind in a shelter with a ruptured eyeball but after two operations, she has done very well. She was a feral dog when she got here but now, although not leash-friendly yet, lets us bathe her and massage her back. She really needs someone who can spend more time socializing her in a quiet enviornment with a fenced yard. Maybe someone with feral dog experience will find their way to her to help her get to the next stage of healing...

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