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Sponsors beginning to pick their Sponsor the Herd dogs!! 

See the angels' first names under the dogs' photo. Won't you "virtually" adopt a dog, too?  Just email me: to get started.

If you can't decide, you can just let me pick since I know the dogs and who you'll have fun with each month!  



Program starts NOW...


The Rescue Ranch WILL NOT survive unless we have angels to sponsor some of the dogs who need the most. Please pick one out that you like, send me an email to with the dog's name you'd like to sponsor each month in the subject box.  


We are asking that sponsors commit to the next six months of $100 per month--to be reviewed after the new year--and that general sponsors can help whenever they can.  IF POSSIBLE, please send your sponsorship in the form of an e-card or a gift card.  E-card links follow at the end.


Sponsors will be asked if they want to post a note and/or a photo of their own selves/pets to their own sponsorship page--even personal art or clip art--on the new site (I'm working on it!)... All of this will appear on our NEW website--in development--which will make you smile!  Dog histories, profiles, new photos and special photos (say if you send a special surprise for them) will be posted each month soon. THANK YOU!! 


SPONSOR US PLEASE --- Sponsor One, Sponsor BFFs, Sponsor Several

Just send an email to with the dog/s names and numbers that you want to help.

Please include your second and third choices, too, just in case.  First to pick, wins! 

Dog 1.  Maya                                                                                                 


Maya, a 110 lb sweetie-pie with serious hip issues, was considered unadoptable

but loves people and her 40 lb, BFF, James... 

SPONSORS: Vicki and Robert


Dog 2. James 

  James.outsideB.jpg     James.MudA.jpg

                      James/clean                                                      James, well...having fun!


James is the chief watch dog at the Rescue Ranch! He has bionic hearing.  Other than playing with Maya,

he prefers to chew on bones--lots of bones!




Dog 3. Maggie 


Maggie is a soooooo sweet-as-pie German Shepherd who was left tied to a shelter door

overnight, her insides literally hanging out (prolapsing) is unadoptable due to medical issues.





Dog 4: Rocky 


Rocky is an adorable Rotty-mix who has to wear a leg-brace and whose BFF is little Gracie...He loves people and loves life! 

He has continued hip issues even after surgery.  Rocky reminds me very much of a Donor Dog, Wally, who is an angel now. 


SPONSOR:    1/2 Sponsor: Suzanne     Co-Sponsor needed ($50/month):



Dog 5: Gracie


Gracie's mouth was crushed when her mother was hit by a car in-utero.  She loves life--and loves Rocky!  She has a great spirit despite her mouth deformities.  Special food accommodations needed but she can work on a bone with the best of 'em! 




Dog 6.  Precious


Precious is a forty pound Australian Shepherd mix, who had her eye ruptured--and was left for dead with terrible anemia and heartworm, for a week in a shelter.  Now, she dances, prances and even talks! 





Dog 7. Girl the Texas Pearl


Girl is a big 70 lb yellow Lab.  She is almost recovered from an injury to her side during the tax-day storms. Miss Personality plus! 

Considered unadoptable, she was smart enough to get herself to the Rescue Ranch where she is cherished. 





Dogs 8 & 9.   Chippie and Sissy


Found in a field, just months old, screaming, both front legs badly broken in multiple places, these girls, especially Chippie (the black one) will make your heart melt with pure, sweet adorable-ness. Her sister will make you proud--she is so protective of her sister and probably saved their lives.





Dog 10.  Bittie Bits


Bitty, just over three lbs, was brought into a shelter literally splayed open from the suspected physical abuse of a special needs teen.  He lost ALL of his private parts and his tail into his backbone--but his dance will make you smile big.  


SPONSORS:   $10/mo: K. (in memory of Carole Leigh Lundin)      Co-Sponsor Needed: $90/monrh



Dog 11.  Millie


Millie, now about 70 lbs, is sunshine in a bottle--was found at six weeks roaming a neighborhood, her bottom jaw so badly broken, the bones were sticking out, exposed like elephant tusks.  After four surgeries, she is

stable, eating and just has some food special needs. Her very BFF is Brindy...





Dog 12. Brindy


Brindy has nine lives!  She was spayed at 8 weeks with canine distemper, causing her immune system to shut down, causing almost the worst case of mange--in fact three bouts of it--we've ever seen. She has a gorgeous

coat now with a red sheen but has some teeth and heart effects left from her ordeal





Dog 13:  Cubby          


Cubby is the best "hugger" ever and needs to constantly chew bones!  

His tail was found caught in something and he wound up losing the end of it, a painful episode but after a long recovery, he is now chief dog barker in charge. 





Dog 14:  Doodle


Little Doodle the Poodle, needs constant grooming. His fur is tight and knots easily.  He was one of nine breeder poodles dumped on a highway--three survived.  Doodle is too shy to be adoptable but he is gradually becoming a friend to many. His BFFs are...





Dogs 15, 16, 17.  Chula, Charlee and Penny


Chula, Charlee and Penny (who really has golden eyes). Charlee was minutes from heaven when a crying shelter visitor called and begged us to save him.  He was not considered adoptable but he is a joy.  Penny was surrendered by Grandma because Penny became obese after eating the treats for five dogs that were put out to last for the day. Penny is now the perfect weight! 

Chula, who had hot, scalding something dumped on her from head to tail and could not recover from the burns so she was sent here.

Lots of TLC, 99% of all fur has grown back, skin healed and her BFF's, Charlee, Doodle and Penny keep her going!  Note: eight years if recovery, Chula passed away from unexpected complications of diabetes Dec. 2016. Sending kisses to heaven...

SPONSORS   Charlee:                     Penny: 



Dogs 18 and 19:  Bunny and Pasha     


Bunny and Pasha are two of our four wheelchair dogs (Chippie and Sissy are

the other two.  Pasha (L) is 9 and Bunny just turned 8.  They are the RR mascot dogs

and need a constant variety of chew bones to keep them active since their mouths

are really their source of stimulation.  Bunny is a rare survivor of

neurologic distemper and Pasha was surrendered after a two year battle

by her family to restore her rear leg function after being hit by a car. 


SPONSORS:  Bunny--Christina B.    Pasha--Dorothy



Dogs 20 and 21: Jade and Baby


Baby (L) and green-eyed, Jade, with Kasey, now an angel that

we know in heaven.  Baby was less than an hour from a full leg amputation

when rescue volunteers saved her and brought her to the RR with a broken

leg and pelvis. Jade has a piercing bark that got her owners in trouble in

a "no dog" rental home--but she is well-loved by all and Baby--despite her bark! 


SPONSORS   Baby:                    Jade:         



Anchor ANGELS needed (Minimum commitment of $100 month please):







Helper Angels NEEDED: (NO minimum/just whatever you can commit to regularly!)












Business Sponsors: ALL Ads on the new site coming (we hope) on September 1, 2016, will be replaced with only sponsor ads/websites.  Please contact if you would like to be a business sponsor.  A goods and services exchange (if appropriate) or monthly sponsorship will be required. 


(!!Note: P.S. You don't have to be on the list to help anytime!!) 


What does a sponsorship include?

Specific dog sponsorships include: special foods, treats, heartworm medications, supplements, medicines for special conditions, diapers, special bedding, vaccines, twice yearly worming, normal vet care and whatever the animal needs.  You may send them special packages as well and we will take a photo and return it to you as if you have a virtual "pet" that you rescued from great harm.  A profile about each animal will be set up on the new site, with photos and their special likes and dislikes, quirks and eventually video! Benefits for sponsors will be announced starting in September.  Blessings from heaven and prayers from the Herd are just the beginning...


Rescue Ranch sponsors are needed to help with the dogs not listed as well as with the general overall expenses that can't be attributed to a specific dog like things they all need--for instance, ear cleaner, bug spray, cleaning supplies, eye wipes, coconut oil, colloidal silver and vitamin D3 (they are all on it to be kept as healthy as possible), tons of laundry soap and so much more.  Regular sponsors are very important to the Rescue Ranch continuing and we ask for a steady commitment a month that we can count on in our budget.  Gifts of any size can be sent in at any time and will be gratefully welcome!


All gifts cards/e-cards are to help the animals ONLY.  We'd prefer that the gifts for the animals specifically to be in the form of e-gift cards or mailed gift cards.  Links will be provided below to those we need the most. Surprise packages to your special someone/s or the Herd are welcome as well but must be in the original manufacturer's packaging--unopened--unless you email me ahead of time about the specific situation.




Our ten-year primary benefactor now has a terminal illness and cannot help anymore with the expenses above.  He is continuing to cover the general overhead as long as he is able.  IF the Rescue Ranch continues--or not--based on the wings and the prayers of many angels...(and God's blessing).  If not, these loving animals will wind up in shelter-care and will most likely be..well, gulp.  Personal animals and animals who are well are not posted for sponsorship but their expenses are included in the Anchor Angels gifts.


This page will be the starting place of our sponsor a herd member program---the new site will allow you to add your pets/families photos, comments, learn more about the needs of the animals, more.

You can remain anonymous or have your name, facebook page, pet/s names and/or twitter pages attached on your sponsor page if you'd like.


Stay tuned for photos, brief descriptions and for the gift cards that we need the most.  Amazon, paypal and Visa gift cards are the easiest to send--just pick one up at the grocery store or order one online (other links for e-cards and merchant cards needed are posted below). 

Email for e-cards and to claim a dog/s to sponsor (first come, first served!):

Mailing address (as of August 17, 2016):  Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX   77386 


Grateful.  So absolutely grateful. 


Quote.leapoffaith.jpg Quote.leapoffaith.jpg


Sponsor e-cards/gift card suggestions: (Please be sure to put your name, a gift for your dog name or the RR in your greeting, card or receipt. Thank you!)


Paypal   (no account needed)

Tractor Supply Store 


Generic Visa/Amex/MC: Buy at any store/mail or call 1-866-952-5653 to see if you can order or view retailers from $25-500

Visa $200 mailed by Walmart: (please specify if for two months or find a Visa where you can designate a different amount) 

HEB Food Market

Kroger's Food Market



Vitamin Shoppe 

Walmart e-card

...any and all gift cards that you have not used/won't use to anywhere, just please send them as blessings and not as a part of the budget.  

Much appreciated! 




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