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Pasha, Sissy, Jelly Belly and Bunny in their new Doggon' doggie wheelchairs!
 We need lots and lots of Angels to help!
Saving Baby Hope and her Mama, Cherry,was the reason the Rescue Ranch
reached out to Dr. Sears to perfect the total distemper protocol.
We are the ONLY organization in the entire world to work daily with Dr. Alson Sears, DVM now retired, who invented the cure/treatment for not only Canine Distemper but also Canine Parvo.  More discoveries are on the way/in the works.
We are one of the FEW organizations in the world--who takes in animals with terminal cancer, terminal injuries, things other rescues would have the animals euthanized for--and then find the cure, find the treatment, find the experts to help them--and then publish the results so you, too, can save your animals without having to recreate the "wheel" so to speak--or to waste precious time.Not only do we fix and rescue their bodies, but we restore/save their spirits as well.  Taking this on as a moral responsibility, we try to heal all injuries, especially those done by "bad" people!
We are one of the FEW if one of a kind organizations that provide HOSPICE care for animals who are unadoptable or dying but need a safe and loving place to spend their last years or months, when their owners can no longer care for them or they are abandoned.  They are given burgers, treats, Dingos, love, hugs and learn to laugh and dance again--and on the last day or hours, they will have someone to lay next to them and hold them until God calls their name.  Yes, we are willing to do that--and so much more...
(We are also in the middle of writing a booklet with the protocols, tips and insights so that you, too, can have the information at the tips of your fingers to save animals with Distemper and Parvo immediately--or to give a copy to your vet so he/she can read up and be ready to save your animals when you need them to--and you will. (Keep checking the Nav Bar on the Right...Late 2015 is anticipated release date.)
What Can You Do To Help--from ANYWHERE in the World?

Please send checks payable to "Rescue Ranch"
and mail to (please enclose your email address, too!)
Rescue Ranch
4057 Riley Fuzzel Road
Ste. 500-130
Spring, TX   77386 
You can help via paypal
or e-gift cards!
 Please use the email:
Thank you!!
Little 3 lb Bitty Bits says, "Thank you, too!!"

Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

What ELSE Can You Do To Help?
Although there are no salaries and it is an all volunteer organization, the animals' needs are great--and it is impossible to care and provide for them without help.  
We Need:
Top Two Items Needed...
FUNDS/Money VIP for medical supplies; medicine; professional consultations at discounted rates--vets, chiros, naturopaths, etc.;food--sick animals require all types of specially formulated food, they just don't gobble down a bowl of kibble.  We need the funds to have supplies on hand to cook for them as well as to buy the herbs and supplements that are so vital in what they eat as well as in making poultices and wraps for injuries, tumors, etc.
Gift Cards for buying all of the above AND food/too heavy to ship and long-term chews, which is sometimes the only exercise that special needs/paralyzed animals get--chewing a Dingo bone all day.  Stores for gift cards include:  Petsmart; Walgreen's; Petco; Visa; Amex;; Target; Wal-Mart; any and all food or pet stores; home goods stores; really any kind will help. We'll find a way.
Twin Comforters (lots and lots of them OR giftcards to buy);
Fleece Blankets for the Bitties (50 x 60 inch)--(more than lots and lots of them--ongoing supply of many OR giftcards to buy);
Everything DINGO brand dog bones--as many as possible!  Have them sent directly to the Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX 77386.
Soft Treats--soft Milk bones; Pup-eroni; etc. Soft, doughy treats of any type that animals with mouth injuries can easily eat without having to "crunch."
...anything "dog" can be used--and we can find a use for ANY type of gift card.  If it is taking up space in your wallet, pass it on. We'll use it. Promise.
Please be sure to include your email with any gift--online or in the mail--so we can send you a Thank you!
  At the Rescue Ranch, there is a"herd" of special needs/disabled/recovering dogs who need a LOT of support--so please be generous in whatever you send. Our hands are more than full!



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